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Pour the washing powder down the toilet and watch what happens

If this trick makes it easy to restore the shine to your toilets, it is not thanks to a product that we are used to using in daily cleaning. It is also a remarkable method. which enables your toilet to smell good and bring the pleasant smell to your bathroom.

Powder laundry detergent

Powder laundry detergent – ​​source: spm

Clean your toilet with this domestic product and you will see the result

This trick is simple and does not require any effort. All you’ll need is a detergent washing powder, a toilet brush and a little patience.

To do this, pour a cup of laundry detergent down your toilet. Once done, let the product rest for 15 to 20 minutes then take your brush to scrub the walls and bottom of the toilet. Finally, pull the chain to leave the toilet fresh and release a sweet fragrance that will perfume the entire room.

toilet scrub brush

Toilet scrub brush – source: spm

Clean your toilet naturally with natural techniques

Cleaning methods that make our lives easier are never rejected. This is the main claim of each of these methods:

  • Clean your toilet with clay stone

As for cleaning, the clay stone can be used to clean various rooms in the house and the bathroom is not left out. Rub a sponge soaked in claystone and water against the walls of the toilet bowl, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse. This is an inexpensive technique as well as being very effective.

  • Dishwashing liquid is sufficient for moderate soiling in the toilet

It is possible to restore the shine to the toilet with only dishwashing liquid and it will be more the case If you’re there add Hot water. To take advantage of it, pour it copiously into the container and then add hot water to multiply the cleaning effect of the household product. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse to reveal a clean surface.

  • Clean your toilet with baking soda, one of the essential green cleaning products

Baking soda covers various types of tasks, be it household, culinary or even deodorant. If you want to treat dirt or even deodorize the walls of your toilets, rub them with a sponge impregnated with a paste made of baking soda and water. Also consider combining baking soda with lemon juice for best results.

  • Clean dirt and scale from toilet bowls with citric acid

Legend: Citric Acid – Source: I Stock Photo

Citric acid can degrease and loosen embedded stains on toilet walls as well as dissolve limescale. Prepare a full container of ½ liter of boiling water then add 3 teaspoons of citric acid. Take your gloves and pour the contents of the container down the toilet. Next, you will brush the walls to remove all traces of dirt.

  • Treat your toilet with white vinegar

White vinegar is a staple household cleaning ingredient and is often a go-to component in many home hacks. To use it, pour it into a saucepan and, once lukewarm, add half a handful of coarse salt. Mix well and then spread the liquid on the dirty walls of the toilet. Leave on overnight and then scrub off the residue the next day with a toilet brush. In addition to being a great cleaner, white vinegar also acts as a descaler.

Laundry detergent or natural ingredients for daily use, there is no shortage of solutions to disinfect your toilets.

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