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August 2022 will be a nightmarish month for these zodiac signs. they will only have problems

Three signs of the zodiac are likely to have problems at work, but also in their life as a couple, and for good reason, the energy of Mercury and Venus will be unfavorable to them.

The three signs of the zodiac, for whom the month of August will not be easy?

The astral configuration of August will be unfavorable for the natives of 3 signs of the zodiac. Venus enters the sign of Leo on August 12 and Mercury will be in the sign of Virgo from August 5 to 27. These movements of the stars could cause you problems in your professional and personal life.

  • Aries


Aries. source: spm

The month of August will rhyme with anguish and concern for this Fire sign. For the natives of this sign who are looking for work, will be particularly disappointed because no opportunity will present itself. This will lead to a drop in their morale, especially since Aries is a dynamic sign that hates passivity. For hard-working Aries, this month of August will be a bit complicated for them. They will come across various obstacles that block the progress of their projects. This enterprising sign will have to rely on their mental strength to face the various complications that they will encounter during the month of August, which can affect their productivity, but also their place at work.

  • Aquarium


Aquarium. source: spm

Aquarius will have difficulties to be serene during this month of August. Nothing will turn out the way he wants. This Air sign does not like responsibility and commitment. that compromise their freedom. However, during this month of August you will feel obliged to carry out the orders of your hierarchical superior, despite your aversion to authority. he will be too forced to make concessions, to correct the difficulties and problems that block the execution of their projects. The native of this sign will not feel in his element during the entire month of August, and this is what will affect your productivity. You could also have money problems during this month. Also, Aquarius is a spendthrift sign by nature, who does not know how to manage his money. Venus will pressure you in August to redo your accounts and better manage your spending so you can to honor your financial commitments at the beginning of the school year.

Likewise, the love life of Aquarius will not be saved during the month of August. His partner will experience disputes and concerns which will sow doubt in the native of this sign. You might even feel that you no longer feel comfortable with the person you share your life with.

  • Pisces


Pisces. source: spm

The month of August will not be easy for the native of this sign. A heavy workload awaits you this month. Mercury in the sign of Virgo will endow you with more responsibilities and tasks to perform. Pisces, not being used to so much work, will soon feel exhausted. Your performance and productivity. will also decrease. In addition to this, the New Moon on August 27, placed in the sign of Virgo, will be unfavorable for this Water sign. You could be in serious financial trouble. that exacerbate their anxiety and anxieties. That said, to deal with these potential pitfalls, good time and financial management is essential. The stars also advise Pisces not to reject the hand offered by his loved ones.

During this month of August, the Pisces couple could flutter, and a separation between some natives of this zodiacal sign could even be considered. Something that will cause them a lot of pain due to its great sensitivity.

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