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What is the hole in the vacuum hose for? An essential function that avoids many problems.

We often think that the sliding hatch on the vacuum cleaner hose is just an accessory of the device. Only those who designed the equipment did not develop this feature by chance. This opening has an extremely important function that is useful for the correct operation of the device.

What is the hole in the handle of the vacuum cleaner for?

A vacuum cleaner in the living room.

A vacuum cleaner in the living room – spm

We regularly use the vacuum cleaner, but we rarely think about what its individual components are for. Did you know that the hole in the handle of the vacuum cleaner could save us money?

There is a hole in each void that can be easily opened or closed. Many of us use it to control suction power, but that’s not what it’s designed for.

The manufacturers of the device have designed this hole in case the vacuum cleaner gets stuck and thanks to it the motor does not overheat.

The hole in the vacuum hose is useful when the equipment is clogged with vacuumed debris. The element also protects against overheating of the motor. If a larger object enters the hose during cleaning and may damage the device, simply open the hatch and the pressure will immediately release and thus cool down the inside of the vacuum cleaner.

You will need to turn off the vacuum to clear the clog. This is a very useful move that can save you big expense on device repair.

Practical advice for a correct and effective cleaning of the vacuum cleaner


Aspire – spm

Periodically clean the filters and accessories of the vacuum cleaner

It is essential to periodically clean the filters and accessories of the vacuum cleaner. So, about every 3 months, check and clean the filters, the suction pipe, where dust residues often accumulate. To do this, prepare a solution of cold water, a glass of white vinegar and a little dishwashing liquid.

Thoroughly wash each part of the vacuum cleaner, rinse well and allow to dry. You can use an old toothbrush to get to the most difficult corners.

Beware of the vacuum bag and the tank

If your model of vacuum cleaner has a bag to collect all the dirt that is sucked up, then you should check it and replace it when it is 3/4 full.

Remove the bag and clean the entire compartment with a mixture of water and alcohol. Likewise, if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a bag but dust collects inside a container, cleaning it is a must. Empty it and prepare a mixture of hot water, half a glass of white vinegar and a tablespoon of coarse salt. As soon as the salt has dissolved and the water is lukewarm, wash out the tank. These habits are essential to prevent your vacuum cleaner from losing its effectiveness.

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