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What happens if you press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘P’ keys on your computer? A very useful trick in summer

WhatsApp Web is surely the most popular app on laptops. Its advantage: it has several keyboard shortcuts that Internet users can use to access certain functions more quickly and easily. And yet, while these combinations are easy enough to remember, very few people actually know about them. We reveal it to you in this article.

Despite the incredible enthusiasm for WhatsApp Web on computers, this platform has an infinity of tricks that are rarely exploited by users. Options that are still highly envied by Android and iOS smartphones, since they don’t have all these keyboard shortcuts that are all the rage on WhatsApp Web. Quickly find out how to take advantage of it!

A range of interesting features for Internet users.

Sign in to WhatsApp

Connect to WhatsApp – source: spm

The keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘P’ allows WhatsApp web users to edit their user profile and add important changes such as their profile picture as well as the name (or nickname) they wish to display .

It is also possible to modify the “info” section and add a status. By default, it will say “Available”: however, you can change it to “Busy”, “At work”, “On vacation” or any other message you want to let your friends know your mood or availability.

It should be specified that WhatsApp Web keyboard shortcuts work on Windows and Mac, also specifying that they are available for any type of browser, be it Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or another. The great advantage of this keyboard shortcut is that it works with any browser.

NB : Keyboard shortcuts are not exclusive to WhatsApp Web. Many applications such as Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and the Windows 11 (or Windows 10) operating system have these features that help users in their work.

Typing on the computer keyboard

Typing on the computer keyboard – source: spm

Other shortcut keys for WhatsApp Web

Alt is short for “Alternative”. In fact, this key, when pressed alone, performs various functions, depending on the program used. In Word, for example, pressing this key selects the top bar menus.

Therefore, the Alt key has several functions. Most of them, like control, only work when combined with other keys.

Here are some WhatsApp Web keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl, Alt, Shift and U: mark a discussion as unread.
  • Ctrl, Alt, Shift and E: Archive a chat.
  • Ctrl, Alt and N – Start a conversation with someone.
  • Ctrl, Alt, Shift and P: Pin a chat.
  • Ctrl, Shift, Alt and N: create a group.
  • Ctrl, Alt and M: mute notifications from a person or group.
  • Ctrl, Alt and comma – the contact list will be hidden and the settings will be displayed instead.
Open the WhatsApp application

Open WhatsApp app – source: spm

Other tips to discover on WhatsApp

Deliberately or by accident, it happens that a conversation is deleted. Fortunately, there is always a way to get it back easily! If for some reason you have deleted a WhatsApp chat with very important photos and videos, there is a very simple but little-known trick that will allow you to recover everything. But beware, this secret trick only works if the user has saved all the messages. How to proceed? Go to the app settings. Click on Chats, go to the Backup option and check the date of the last backup.

In addition, few WhatsApp users know that the application also allows you to bold, italicize and underline certain texts. It should be noted that this feature is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

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