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Why do you have to put an ice cube on a minced steak during cooking? The trick that changes everything

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious hamburger cooked on the grill? Difficult therefore to have a perfect cooking, right? To make it as tasty and tender as possible, there is a little-known trick. Did you know that a simple ice cube can work wonders on your barbecue? Quickly discover this amazing technique that will transform your meat and surprise all your friends!

An ice cube in the hamburger, the trick that makes the difference


Have a barbecue – spm

Everything is ready for your Sunday barbecue: the grill is clean and working, the table is nicely set in front of the pool, and the cold drinks are on the table. You have also thought about putting background music and sun loungers so that all your guests are comfortable. And the best is yet to come: the meat must be perfect to savor and delight all palates. During a beautiful summer day, a mixed grill is the best formula to delight the eyes and the palate of great gourmets. It is still necessary not to make mistakes and successfully cook meat. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a chef to properly roast your ground beef. We are going to reveal the ideal trick so that your minced meat is as tender and juicy as that of the great restaurants. A little secret you absolutely must know: place an ice cube in the center of the burger halfway through cooking.

The trick may seem unusual, but it’s definitely worth a try. The ice cube on the piece of meat will help prevent browning on the outside and delay the cooking of the inside, keeping it juicier and more flavorful.

Instructions: Place all patties on hot grill. Once halfway through cooking on both sides of the beef patty, place an ice cube in the center of each piece. When the glaze has completely melted, that means your meat is well colored and well done, so you can remove it. Specifically, the outside of the burger reveals a nice brown color, while the inside is juicy and very soft. Thus you have avoided the meat burned on the surface and raw in its heart. Your burgers will be well cooked and ready to be happily gobbled up!

This simple little trick saves a lot of barbecues. As a bonus, you can use it as much as you like with poultry or a piece of beef! No need to spend time behind the grill, just take a look at the ice cubes to see if the water has evaporated. Make sure your friends will be amazed by the cooking of the meat!

Other tips for successful grilling

BBQ meat

Grilling meat on the barbecue – spm

· When cooking a fish, it often happens that it falls apart. So we wrap it in aluminum foil, to try to preserve its well-roasted flavor. But we have a solution for you to avoid the problem: before putting the fish on the grill, let it soak in salted water for 10 minutes. Thanks to this, it will not break down and will have a sufficiently salty taste.

· You usually have a bottle of water handy when grilling. This is helpful in case the embers start to catch fire. However, we recommend keeping a second bottle on hand, preferably with a spray bottle and filled with apple juice. Why ? Simply sprinkle it on the meat during cooking: this will make it more tender and flavorful.

· How do you prevent meat or fish from drying out? Load the charcoal grill in the center part only. Leave the walls empty. Thanks to this, you will not miss your grilled meats: they will not burn, they will not overheat and they will be very juicy.

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