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Why should clothing labels never be cut? Many make this mistake

For each type of wash, there are must-see symbols that explain how to wash, iron and dry your garment. So you must first learn to understand them. Clothing label symbols are divided into several categories: washing, drying, bleaching, ironing, and dry cleaning symbols.

Have you ever noticed these symbols on the clothing label?

Check the tag on the pants.

Check pant tag – spm

To avoid damaging our clothes, it is important to wash them correctly and read the instructions on the label.

It is also important to check the labels before cutting them. One of the symbols that should not be overlooked is the capital letter P in a circle. This is a very important tip on how to do laundry.

This means that the garment should be dry cleaned. The information is also very important when you wash your clothes at the dry cleaners. Therefore, the label must remain intact. Therefore, if the garment has a P inside a circle, it is better to have it professionally washed.

Labels contain important information. What else should get our attention?

a clothing label

A garment tag – spm

In addition to the P in a circle, there may be other symbols on the label, the meaning of which must be known. Among them is, among others, the letter A, which indicates that the garment can be washed with any detergent. On the other hand, a W in a circle indicates that the item should be wet cleaned. If the label has a crossed out circle, you should not dry clean the item. With respect to F, this symbol indicates that the item can be dry cleaned. In this case, the washing products must contain benzene.

The bleaching symbols have a triangular shape, in the laundry phase they use pure oxygen-based bleach that is less aggressive than chlorine bleach. The crossed out triangle symbol is important, indicating that minimal chlorine or oxygen cannot be used.

As for ironing, there are also instructions on the label. Ironing without symbols means that the garment can be ironed. The dots inside the iron indicate, according to the number, the degree of temperature to use (low, medium and high), while the cross on the iron indicates that this garment should not be ironed.

In addition to the symbols that you find on garment labels, you also need to know the symbols that appear on the washing machine to properly wash your clothes without damaging the fabric.

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