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Here’s why you should never leave your charger empty in the socket

Certain gestures are prohibited when handling the phone charger. Among them, that of leaving it plugged in when you are not using it. This habit can harm you in addition to damaging your device.

Leaving the charger plugged in and empty can be dangerous

Whether it is a phone, tablet or computer charger, it can happen to us, due to lack of will or omission, leave them plugged in without actually using them. This is not without risk and it is for this reason that it is recommended to unplug a power strip if you do not want to unplug the charger.

phone charger

Mobile phone charger. source: spm

An empty plugged-in charger can cause a fire

This is even more the case if the charger is of poor quality or damaged. And for good reason, when its internal components are damaged, there is an increased risk of short circuiting or overheating. the transformer can cause a fire because the heat given off by the plug is not used. This is even more dangerous in the presence of flammable objects. In case of storms or electrical storms, it is recommended to unplug all devices so as not to create a power surge.

smartphone charger

Smartphone charger. source: spm

Leaving the charger plugged in and empty is a waste of energy that impacts the environment

If it is important not to leave your charger connected so that it is constantly empty, it is because this has important impacts on the environment. And it is not for less, leaving 6 chargers permanently connected is equivalent to an annual consumption of 2.6 kWh.

Leaving the charger plugged in and empty runs the risk of damaging it prematurely

Taking this harmful habit for the environment and your safety also harms this accessory. And for good reason, it has a significant impact on your life expectancy. So you will often have to replace it, and sometimes the cost of a charger can be high. It is for this reason that charging your smartphone overnight is also not recommended. because the charger can also be damaged by adopting this habit. To conserve your battery, it is recommended that the charge level be between 20 and 80%.

The wireless charger consumes more than a conventional charger

One thing is certain: the wired charger requires certain precautions, in particular not to charge it empty and to unplug it immediately after use. If you want to swap it out for a wireless charger, that’s definitely a mistake. Although he says goodbye the danger of overheating at the network level, consumes much more energy than its classic version. As reported by the newspaper Releaseinduction charging would consume 30%-56% more electricity than traditional charger.

That said, if you get into the habit of leaving your charger plugged in, it’s definitely an unfriendly trick to banish. It exposes you not only to the risk of overheating but also to premature wear and tear on this essential everyday gear.

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