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They are the dirtiest everyday objects and we always forget to clean them

Regarding cleaning, special attention is paid to the surfaces of the house to the detriment of certain everyday objects that, however, deserve the same attention and that we tend to neglect. Big mistake.

The objects in question are real. bacteria nests. It is recommended to give them more attention and hygiene on a daily basis. againstthe items are in your makeup bag; enough to alarm makeup enthusiasts.

These objects are a receptacle for bacteria. Caution is in order.

If you open your makeup bag, all the accessories look neat to you, and yet that’s just appearance. The reality is however quite different because in truth, each of the objects contains dirt, dead cells and bacteria Few people realize this despite the fact that these accessories are constantly in contact with the skin.

Makeup bag

Makeup bag – Source: spm

This means that as makeup sessions progress, skin is exposed to more dirt than the last brush stroke or blush. That is why it is necessary clean them regularly.

To do this, you can settle for a very simple method. just fill a small bowl of warm water and then add two teaspoons of soap for hands. Mix the liquid, soak the brushes in it, then once they are well soaked, rub them together with your hands. Repeat the operation if you consider it necessary. Finally, rinse your accessories under warm water before letting them air dry.

In addition to the makeup bag, also pay attention to bathroom items such as razors, wet towels, or even toothbrushes.

Some tips to keep bacteria away from your toiletry bag

To keep bacteria away from your accessories and beauty products, adopt a few quick routines:

Don’t use one brush for multiple products. to avoid bacteria

While most women use one brush for multiple types of products, it is recommended to use only one brush per type of application to prevent the spread of bacteria in all makeup products. And for good reason, these bacteria can transfer from your face to your blush.

It also means that if your brushes aren’t cleaned regularly, they’ll get soaked in whatever product you expose them to. Consequently, you increase the risk of affecting your skin. A good way to prevent this type of discomfort is to use your fingers and a brush for each product you use.

two women makeup

Two women wearing makeup – Source: spm

Avoid sharing products to protect against bacteria

The exchange of beauty products between friends is by itself, a real vector bacteria and this is all the more the case with eye makeup because it is the most sensitive area of ​​the face. Therefore, by sharing the product, you are directly exposing your eyes to possible contamination.

Regularly clean your makeup bag bacteria

As stated before, your makeup bag contains a profusion of beauty accessories that are likely to contain bacteria. Then it is natural that she is impregnated with him. Therefore, it is not enough to soak the products from it in soapy water. if you want to protect them from bacteria.

If you don’t want the cleaning of your accessories and products to be reduced to anything, the makeup bag should not be neglected at all. Therefore, it is recommended to clean once a month.

To do this, put it in your washing machine with your rags and other towels or in your dishwasher. This last option is all the more effective if the case is made of canvas. In this way, you free it from all the dirt that has had time to accumulate there.

To protect your health, these tips should be thoughtful and encourage you to regularly maintain your makeup bag.

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