That’s what the second hole in the bathroom sink is for. has an essential role

We often tend to overlook certain details or certain aspects of daily life. We explain the often overlooked utility of having a second hole in your bathroom sink.

What is the hole in the bathroom sink for?

Composed of a sink, a single-lever or single-lever faucet and a stopper, but also a small hole placed high up directly below the faucet. What is the latter for?

– The sump, a way to drain the water

kitchen sink 2

Kitchen sink – Source: spm

One thing is certain, the sink must be cleaned periodically to remove all residues that can slow down the water evacuation process or clog the pipes. This is where the little hole will come in handy! This small opening, which is usually located under the faucet a few centimeters from the edge of the sink, allows the water that accumulates to evacuate. before it floods your bathroom. Thus, when the sink is accidentally filled by a clog or by too much water pressure, this opening will allow excess water to flow out and prevent any overflow.

Note that the second hole in the sink should not be stretched too far. As it is not a standard drain, it does not allow waste to be filtered, which can clog the sink siphon.

Tip to maintain the second sink drain hole

Although its use is exceptional, the second hole of the bathroom sink must be maintained regularly to avoid obstructions. Indeed, it can contain a significant amount of dust and dirt, but also detergents. It can also harbor insects and cockroaches. Therefore, it is essential to clean it often for hygiene reasons.

– Clean the second sink drain with white vinegar

The multiple properties of white vinegar no longer need to be demonstrated. In addition to being natural, this kitchen ingredient is an excellent cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer. Start by filling a container with white vinegar. Then pour the solution into the hole. If the hole is big enough, you can even use a bottle brush to clean the inside of the hole with the vinegar solution. Then moisten a cloth with the same product, then insert it into the hole and leave it to act for fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar in a container that you will then pour into the opening.

– Apply a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar in the second hole of the sink

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda – Source: spm

This baking soda and apple cider vinegar trick is very effective and works for all kinds of pipes. This is both the sink drain and the second sink hole. In addition to cleaning and unclogging the pipes, these ingredients together will allow you to get rid of insects and cockroaches that embed themselves inside the hole in the sink. To do this, simply pour a tablespoon of baking soda directly down the sink, but also down the drain, before adding a small amount of water. You can also mix the two elements to form a paste. This can be applied around and inside the opening. For a repellant effect, add a small amount of apple cider vinegar and leave on overnight. The next day, pour hot water inside and voila!

You already know the usefulness of the second hole in the bathroom sink. Thanks to this small detail, the water is evacuated quickly and the damage will be limited.

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