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The flight attendant’s secret to packing without wrinkling clothes

If you are going on vacation for a long time, it is important not to overcrowd your suitcase and to carry only what is necessary in your luggage. Although it can be tedious, there are simple and effective solutions to pack without ruining your life. Check out this advice from the flight attendants to pack your travel bags without wrinkling your clothes.

travel with your suitcase

Travel with your suitcase. source: spm

What is this trick to pack without wrinkling your clothes?

It can be unpleasant to pack folded clothes only to discover when you arrive at your vacation spot that they are already wrinkled. To avoid falling into this embarrassing situation, you can follow this trick. then your clothings will remain intact.

Wear heavy and bulky clothing on the day of your departure

To keep your suitcase light and less cluttered, remember to pack your heaviest and bulkiest clothes on the day you go on vacation. This allows you to lighten your suitcase and not crush lighter clothes that could end up more wrinkled.

pack up

Pack. source: spm

These are other tips to pack without wrinkling your clothes

These tips will allow you to avoid surprises when opening your suitcase when you arrive on vacation.

Follow a specific order to store your clothes in your suitcase

To keep your suitcase organized and your folded and ironed clothes intact, place them in a specific order. For example, put your heavy clothing like jeans and jackets in the bottom of your overnight bag. Then gradually add lighter clothing such as t-shirts, sweaters, skirts or even shirts.

roll up clothes

Roll up the clothes. source: spm

– Engraveoule your clothes in your suitcase

To prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled, once you arrive at your destination, you can carefully roll them up before putting them in your suitcase. For blouses, sweaters, and other tops, fold the sleeves up, bringing them into the garment. For pants or jeans, simply roll them in from the bottom. so that your dress does not wrinkle, it is recommended to smooth it as it is rolled, to avoid wrinkles.

fill in the blanks created for the clothes in your suitcase

Once you are done packing your light and heavy clothes into your suitcase, you can now fill all the little empty spaces in your suitcase by placing your folded underwear in it as well as its socks and all your small breakables.

Use a large suitcase for your clothes

If you go on vacation, try to leave with the minimum in your luggage. You don’t need to leave with a suitcase full to the brim for a few days. Instead, use a large suitcase where you will have enough space to put all your clothes. They won’t bunch up or wrinkle when you arrive.

To avoid unpleasant surprises during your trip and end up with wrinkled clothes, you can pack a portable steamer that remains efficient and easier to transport when you travel.

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