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Do you know why airplanes are white? few people know

Have you ever wondered why commercial planes are usually white? Although it is true that each airline has its own logo, with different colors, the plane is always painted white. However, this feature is far from trivial and has real utility.

When you see a plane take off, you can tell which company it is by the logo. The choice of aircraft paint color is far from random. The predominance of white for this means of transport is much more related to technical aspects.

Why are planes painted white?

In the early days of commercial aviation, manufacturers and airlines opted for plain metal or chrome with little or no paint. Both options were later abandoned by the aircraft industry as aircraft were prone to accumulation of dirt and dust.

Airlines had to constantly polish and clean their planes. Therefore, they resorted to white paint. However, the presence of this color is linked to very specific reasons.

White reflects sunlight better

A plane at the airport

A plane at the airport – source: spm

The main reason is that this lack of color reflects sunlight and minimizes damage from dangerous solar radiation during flight. Airplanes are highly exposed to sunlight, both in flight and when stationary.

Due to some plastic components or composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, they often need more protection from heat at high altitudes.

White does not fade as easily.

An airplane after take off

A plane after takeoff – source: spm

Aircraft are exposed to a variety of atmospheric and climatic conditions. Wind, rain and regular changes in temperature damage your paint.

Colored paints fade faster than white paints and cause them to lose their intensity.

White makes it easy to spot damage

planes on the runway

Planes on the runway – source: spm

Aircraft are the result of complex engineering, they are regularly checked for obvious safety reasons. The purpose of the white color is to detect structural defects such as damage. This is done just before each flight by visiting the track engineer and the pilot.

White also makes it easy to spot aircraft damage and oil leaks. These are more visible in this color, so they are very easy to identify.

In short, the choice of white is not the result of chance and responds to tangible reasons.

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