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How to get rid of slugs that attack plants? they won’t come back

Like snails, slugs can damage plants in your garden or orchard. To eliminate these gastropods and protect your plants, you can use these simple and natural tricks.

Ten solutions to adopt to get rid of slugs

To protect yourself from slugs that plague your plants, there are several natural solutions available to you.

Foliage damaged by a slug

Foliage damaged by a slug. source: spm

  1. Ground coffee to repel slugs

Sprinkling coffee grounds at the base of attacked plants helps keep slugs away from your plants.

  1. Beer to get rid of slugs

To get rid of slugs attacking your plants, fill a container with beer and place it near your plants. Slugs attracted to beer will drown in the container.

  1. repellent plants to keep slugs away

Some plants are effective to keep the slugs away. This is the case of cyclamen, begonia, nasturtium, lavender or mint. You can choose to grow these repellent plants next to the plants attacked by these gastropods. You can also use these repellent plants to prepare irrigation water that will protect your plants. To do this, macerate one or more plants in ten liters of water and use this solution to water the plants you want to protect.


Slug. source: spm

  1. soil mulch to prevent slug attacks

To hinder the movement of gastropods and prevent them from approaching your plants, it is recommended Install a mulch in infected areas. This can be made from linen sequins or cocoa pods.

  1. Squash to catch slugs

Slugs like to feed on pumpkins. You can cut half a pumpkin and keep it in your garden. slugs go eat this vegetable and therefore will stay close to your plants. This will allow you catch them easily and get rid of it.

collect the slugs

Collect slugs. source: spm

  1. Egg shells to repel slugs

Eggshells are beneficial to plants. In addition to nourishing the soil thanks to their mineral content, they are effective in preventing slugs from attacking your plants. To do this, simply spread large pieces of eggshell at the foot of your plants. The acute angles of the shells. deter slugs to get closer to your plants.

  1. Avoid moisture to avoid attracting slugs

Slugs like a moist environment. then it is recommended to keep the garden dry, especially at night, to prevent these gastropods from invading your plants. That’s why, prefer to water in the morning.

  1. Lhemp for himself get rid of slugs

Hemp mulch is very effective for your plants. Helps to limit the growth of weeds, in addition to conserve soil moisture. Hemp mulch is also very helpful in preventing slugs from getting close to your plants. In fact, hemp hinders the movement of these unwanted pests. Note that you can also cover the ground with sand or wood ash.

  1. a decoction of garlic to repel slugs

Garlic decoction is an effective natural repellent to keep slugs away from your plants. To do this, boil five cloves of garlic in a liter of water in a saucepan. expect the water level drops by a third and remove the pan from the heat. Allow the mixture to cool down and then strain. Transfer your solution to a spray and spray on young plants you wish to protect. Repeat this operation every 2 or 3 days.

  1. a plank of wood to remove slugs

When the weather is wet, place wooden planks in the areas most affected by slugs. These moisture-loving gastropods will take refuge there, and you will only have to lift the boards to collect the slugs by hand. Although this solution takes time, it is effective, especially to capture small gray slugs that are difficult to detect.

If you have slugs in your garden and you want to get rid of them, do not hesitate to adopt these few solutions without resorting to chemicals.

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