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Lost or stolen cell phone? This is the best way to get it back ASAP

steal a cell phone

Steal a cell phone – Source: spm

A call or an attempt to locate the mobile using software

The first thing to remember is that in case of loss or theft, especially in this second case, you must act very quickly and not procrastinate. It is very possible that your Smartphone has fallen out of your pocket or that you have forgotten it on the restaurant table or in the bathroom sink. If so, the fastest way is to call your number from another mobile and send an SMS with the contact details of the owner. The device is most likely in the hands of someone benevolent who can eventually return it to you.

location 2

Location – Source: spm

How to locate your cell phone?

Unfortunately, if you are not so lucky and no one responds, you should try to locate the device without further delay from the platform itself. Both Android and iPhone have built-in location systems, so you only need to search for them from another device or on the web (after signing in from your Google or iCloud account, respectively).

  • Locate an Android

An Android mobile can be located using another device with which it shares a Google account through the Google Find My Device application or from the web browser itself by typing “find my phone”. ” You just have to log in with the same Google account that you have associated with your mobile and you will be able to see the real-time location of the last saved location if the mobile is turned off. You can also make it ring, lock it or delete all the content of the mobile says David Freire of the Andro4all blog. Locking your device will come in handy in the event of a theft, as it prevents thieves from accessing your private information or using your device to access checking accounts or other sites with sensitive content.

  • Locate an iPhone

On Apple’s mobile platform, the recovery options are basically the same as on Android: locate your iPhone from another device with which you share an iCloud account and the Find My iPhone app, or do it from the web. With both solutions, not only will the exact location of the device be known, but it will also be possible to play a loud sound, turn it off remotely, or wipe its data. ” If we suspect that we have been victims of a robbery, the most practical thing is to lock the iPhone remotely“, explains Pedro Aznar, director of the Applesfera blog. In this sense, Apple has listed a series of measures to be taken immediately in case of theft or loss.

Lock cell phone with facial recognition

Block mobile phone with facial recognition – Source: spm

To prevent the loss or theft of the mobile, these are the measures to adopt

  • The best protection measure against a possible theft or loss of the mobile is to block its access. In this sense, the National Police recommends that ” it is essential that the screen lock is activated so that no one can easily access the content“. If this blocking system uses biometric methods (fingerprint or facial), as is the case in many latest generation mobiles, the level of protection will be higher.
  • The second thing you need to do is write down the IMEI code, a unique identification number for each mobile phone. Why is it important to keep this number safe? Because it allows you to both lock your device in case of theft, as well as unlock it. In addition, it will serve you later to make any insurance claim. To find out the phone’s IMEI, just type the code *#06#. If you are having difficulty, the operator can help you locate this code, although for security reasons it will be a bit of a complicated process.

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