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A towel is all you need to cool down the house when it’s really hot: here’s the trick

Cooling the house during periods of high heat is essential. However, not everyone has the means to equip their home with an air conditioner. That is why simpler and cheaper means are used daily to lower the interior temperature and provide more freshness. With a simple towel, you can implement smart techniques to beat the summer heat. We explain how to proceed.

How can a simple towel help you beat the heat?

It is quite possible to cool the house without using the air conditioner. Thanks to a simple towel, you can stay cool for long hours. In fact, this simple rectangular piece of cloth can be used in different ways to fight the heat. Here are 4 techniques that are easy to experiment with.

– Hang freshly laundered towels on a clothesline

hanging towels

Hang towels – Source: spm

It is possible to refresh your home simply by drying towels inside the house. Once removed from the machine, hang the still wet towels on a drying rack. The evaporation of the water contained in the towels will help to absorb the heat and therefore to humidify the ambient air. It is possible to place the clothesline near openings and windows. In addition to reducing the drying time of your towels, this method will diffuse a natural breath of fresh air into the house. For best results, we recommend moistening the towels with ice water.

– Put a wet towel on the bed before sleeping

This trick, called the “Egyptian method,” was adopted by the Egyptians to keep the body cool at night. So, to stop being hot at night, simply dampen a towel with cold water and wring it out before placing it on the mattress. You can then lie down in bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

– Place a damp towel in front of the fan.

fan 8

Fan – Source: spm

The fan is one of the most used devices to fight against the temperatures that rise in summer. If you have it at home, you will love discovering this new way of enjoying it. Then spread a wet towel in front of the fan and enjoy the light and pleasant breeze that will spread. The same effect can be achieved with a cold water bottle placed in front of the fan. Do not hesitate to place the device in front of the window to more easily evacuate the hot air from the room.

– Try the refreshing towel

refreshing towel

Refreshing towel – Source: spm

To cope with the strong heat of summer, cooling towels are available in the market. Mainly used for sports, these can help you withstand intense heat more easily. The principle is simple: simply immerse the refreshing towel in water, wring it out and shake it before use. The polyvinyl alcohol-based fabric used will produce an immediate cooling effect thanks to the evaporation of the water. Once ready to wear, place it around your neck or head for added comfort. This piece of fabric can also protect you from the sun during the day.

If you find it hard to bear these very hot times, try the different ends of the towel without further delay. Affordable and easy to implement, these methods will help you cool down without having to resort to air conditioning.

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