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Here’s why you shouldn’t charge your phone at night

The battery of a mobile phone is very important because it is what makes your smartphone work well. To prevent your battery from failing, just follow these little tips and also change some habits.

What should you avoid doing with your smartphone?

A smart phone charging

A smartphone charging. source: spm

A bad habit that many people commit turns out to be harmful to your mobile phone and can drain the battery of your device. By making this mistake on a daily basis, you risk damaging your mobile phone battery.

You should not charge your smartphone overnight

A smartphone that charges overnight

A smartphone that charges overnight. source: spm

You often have the reflex to plug in your mobile phone at night before going to bed. This habit seems harmless and allows you to fully charge your smartphone. You find yourself in the morning with a 100% charged device and you are ready to start the day. However, this behavior is not required for smartphones. By recharging your device overnight, you could damage your mobile phone battery because it will be overcharged for many hours even after reaching 100%. Also, some batteries can get hot at night and consume more electricity. Most smartphones are made up of a lithium-ion battery that recharges in a few hours. But at night, your phone can stay plugged in for at least 6 hours. Also, smartphone manufacturers have come up with a system that automatically stops charging your phone when the battery reaches 100%. During the night, your smartphone will eventually discharge and your connected device will recharge the battery until it reaches 100% again. Over time, the battery will eventually will wear out and this will reduce its duration and therefore the acting from your smartphone.

Discover how to optimally charge your smartphone

A dead smartphone

A discharged smartphone. source: spm

To correctly charge your smartphone, it is necessary to follow these little tips so as not to alter the quality of your battery.

Do not use any charger to charge your smartphone

It is recommended to use the original charger provided by the manufacturer of your mobile phone when charging it. Even if you find a tip compatible with your smartphone, it is possible that the amperage is different and this could affect the battery of your device. Charging will take longer and your smartphone may overheat.

Recharge your smartphone without reaching 100%

To charge your mobile optimally, it is not necessary to leave it plugged in until it reaches 100%. You should also avoid ending up with a discharged cell phone battery. Don’t let your smartphone battery fall below the twenty%.

Recharge your smartphone at intervals and don’t let the battery run out completely

When you charge your smartphone, please connect it at different intervals so that the battery does not overheat and no longer last long-term. Next, do not allow the battery to completely drain before charging the phone. This will drain the battery and may affect the performance of your cell phone.

Now that you’re armed with these tips, you can change your habits when charging your phone to maintain its performance.

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