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Why do you have to put newspapers in the fridge? This trick will save you a lot of trouble.

organize the fridge

Organize the fridge – Source: spm

Organize the fridge, an invaluable time saver

Whatever you think, having an organized fridge completely changes your day to day life. You have no idea how much time this will save you. Even to do the shopping and go behind the stove. When everything is in its place, even in the kitchen, visibility is completely different. But not only. You will also avoid many inconveniences to your food and your refrigerator.

Not to mention, a neat fridge will also save you money. Effectively, in this way, you will avoid wasting or duplicating products that you already have in stock. Except, of course, if there’s a clutter on your device, you probably won’t see much. Therefore, it is very important to leave a minimum of time for this storage: drawers, compartments, products well placed on the door. This prevents clutter, which will allow the appliance to be airier and therefore more functional, and prevents spoiling food.

Regarding the problem of bad smells, you can use some tricks, often overlooked, that will help you preserve the freshness of your food and deodorize the space.

Store the vegetables in the fridge.

Store vegetables in the fridge – Source: spm

Can vegetables be stored in the refrigerator by wrapping them in newspaper?

There are several ways to store your vegetables in the refrigerator. Storage is usually done with plastic wrap and airtight containers. But, some people also have a habit of wrapping their food in newspaper before putting it in the refrigerator. Therefore, they are convinced that this material will keep them fresh longer and prevent them from rotting too quickly. Which is not bad. But it should be used sparingly: some specialists advise against this container when the ink is not vegetable. Otherwise, some particles may be toxic and should not come into contact with food.

Bad smell in the fridge

Bad smell in the fridge – Source: spm

The trick that eliminates bad odors

However, if newspaper doesn’t normally fit in the fridge, it can be very useful in preventing the spread of unpleasant odours, as it has the ability to absorb moisture. You can effectively eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator, but also from the freezer using newspaper and charcoal.

This duo will radically transform your devices. Once you have disinfected and cleaned them well, you can add the newspapers and charcoal for the final treatment. In just a few days, bad odors will no longer be relevant and you will feel a clear difference inside!

How to proceed ? Grind about 12 charcoal briquettes and divide the pieces between two trays. One is placed in the refrigerator, the other in the freezer. Then tear a few sheets off the newspapers and put them on the shelves. Close the doors well. Repeat this every day for a week.

What happens in the event of a power outage? If you have a long enough power outage, it can affect the food in the refrigerator and freezer. Then it is very likely that bad odors will begin to appear. When it comes to smelly appliances, of course, the first step is to remove all the food and clean the interior with a disinfectant cleaning spray. But the option that we have presented will also serve you. Above all because it is very practical and very economical.

Attention : The most common mistake that many people make is not cleaning every nook and cranny inside the freezer or refrigerator. You can get rid of all the dirt and, by extension, bad odors with a good detergent and disinfectant. If the residue is persistent, you can soften it with a cleaning spray. Then you can use the trick with newspaper and charcoal. Remember to replace the newspaper sheets and charcoal with new ones every day for about a week or at least until the musty smell finally wears off.

NB : The materials needed for this deodorizing method are charcoal briquettes, disinfectant cleaner, and plain old newspaper. So get to work and effectively get rid of all those unwanted odors from your appliances!

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