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This hidden feature of the car is useful in traffic jams and many drivers are not aware of it.

How to make traffic jams more comfortable?

Drive the car

Drive the car – spm

The Auto-Hold brake is an automatic holding function, also known as the “auto-brake function”. It is becoming more and more common in new vehicles, as manufacturers rely more on the electric brake than the manual brake. Specifically, it allows the driver to release the pedal, maintaining a braking system when the car is stopped in front of a red light, traffic or at an intersection. This function can make your life easier and increase driving comfort. Especially when you’re in the middle of traffic, it gives your feet a break for a while.

Therefore, Auto Hold will maintain brake pressure when the car is stationary. You no longer have to worry about manually applying the parking brake. It will do the work for you!

How does it work ?

traffic jam on the road

Traffic jam on the highway – spm

Auto Hold is part of the ABS and ESP systems. You can usually activate it by pressing harder on the brake when stopped. In some cars, you can activate it by pressing the special “Auto-Hold” button (automatic braking when stopped). If you activate Auto Hold, the system will automatically maintain the pressure you applied while braking. This means you won’t have to step on the pedal over and over to avoid slipping backwards or forwards.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using Auto Hold:

  • Always check that the Auto-Hold function is active.
  • It can only be activated when you are inside the vehicle with the doors closed and the seat belts fastened. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform this function.
  • Please note: Auto-Hold is not a replacement for your vehicle’s parking brake.

When does this feature not work?

One of the peculiarities of this automatic braking is that in many vehicles it can only be activated when the driver has fastened the seat belt. Also, it normally doesn’t work when the door is open.

The advantage is that you do not have to deactivate the automatic hold function at the end of the trip. It automatically deactivates when the engine is stopped, the ignition key is removed or the driver’s seat belt is unfastened.

Furthermore, when the vehicle is stationary for a sufficient time, the electronic parking brake immediately activates the automatic holding function via the ABS control unit. This usually happens after three or four minutes. But rest assured, as soon as you drive again, the feature will be deactivated. Auto Hold can be reactivated again by simply pressing the button.

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