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Why do you have to lift the window covers on the plane when taking off? Many people forget to do this

The plane is a means of transport that always raises many questions, but also some concerns for some travelers. Although this is still one of the safest ways to travel in complete safety, some passengers prefer to follow the smallest instructions to the letter. And that’s a good thing, better safe than sorry. But by the way, why do you have to raise the blinds at all costs during takeoff and landing? Even if the passenger is sleeping soundly in her seat, the flight attendant will raise the curtain at that time. This requirement is primarily a security measure that is important.

Why do you have to lift the window covers on the plane during takeoff and landing?

A porthole raised from the window of the plane

A raised airplane window porthole – spm

To facilitate a possible rescue

Leaving the window covering covered will allow flight personnel to more quickly identify the most appropriate emergency exit in the event of an emergency evacuation. You typically only have 90 seconds to evacuate a plane, so having that clear view makes evacuation even more efficient. It is therefore a good reflex that everyone should have to overcome any emergency.

To detect a fault

Takeoff and landing maneuvers are the most important during a flight. Having the blinds up allows even the most alert passengers to get an overview and perhaps spot a possible technical problem, particularly at the level of the plane’s wings. If so, they can quickly report it to one of the crew members.

To reduce the impact of jet lag

This reason mainly concerns the passengers of the plane. Especially those who make a long-distance flight of several hours, jumping from one continent to another. After taking a long nap at night in the dark or staying in artificial light for a long time, it is important to get used to daylight again. Therefore, raising the window shades gives you the ability to see natural light again at all times. Jet lag will also affect you less, adapting little by little to this new schedule.

2 practical tips to be able to sleep peacefully on the plane

Lift the window cover

Lift window cover – spm

Don’t change your bedtime routine

When you’re on a plane for a long time, it’s tempting to let your mind wander while you gaze out the window at the scenery, watch a movie, devour your novel, or chat with the neighbor. But just because you’re not in bed doesn’t mean you should be distracted. To avoid sleep disturbances, it is best to follow your usual bedtime. It is important not to change your habits and listen to your body. If it’s time to sleep, despite jet lag, it’s important to respect your sleep schedule. You can also follow your bedtime routine: go brush your teeth, wash your face, listen to music to relax, meditate for a few minutes to rest or ask for a hot infusion. This last remedy is better than several glasses of alcohol that will prevent you from sleeping!

Wear comfortable clothes

Let’s be clear, we are not going to advise you to show up in your pajamas at the airport terminal before boarding. But during a long trip, it is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothes, such as for jogging. Forget evening shoes and too tight outfits that you don’t feel comfortable with. Don’t forget to bring a small fleece or jacket as it can get cold on the plane. It would be a shame to have a cold snap before you even start your vacation. You can also claim a small blanket if the temperatures are really low. For greater comfort, consider also taking a special pillow with you for this type of trip. This will help you rest your neck and you will feel like you are sleeping peacefully on your couch.

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