From July 22, the Sun entered the fiery sign of Leo and invites the zodiacal signs to make many changes in their lives. From July 28, the planet Jupiter goes backwards in the sign of Aries. This expansion planet will be inactive until November 23.

This retrograde will affect all zodiac signs and they will find their place during this period. They are likely to find great motivation in their projects and a lot of drive to achieve their goals. They will be sure of their choices and could experience many upheavals.

Which zodiac signs will experience positive changes in the first days of August?

signs of the zodiac

Signs of the zodiac. source: spm

These zodiac signs will experience some unexpected changes this season and are likely to be turned upside down. During the first days of August, these signs should feel all the positive effects of the stars. These investments will be favorable to the representatives of the signs of the zodiac who will go through important crises for their future. These changes be decisive for their future and they will be very happy with the latest decisions made. They will finally feel accomplished and accomplished. Mercury enters the sign of Virgo from August 3 and invites the signs to carry out many communication efforts.


the sign of capricorn

The sign of Capricorn. source: spm

The beginning of August will be very advantageous for the signs of Capricorn. They will be very lucky and will be able to accomplish many things during this Leo season. They will receive all the benefits of their hard work and will likely receive a raise at work. They climb the ladder and their position at work will be much more respected. Capricorns will gain in maturity thanks to this new position of responsibility and will gain self-confidence. With Jupiter retrograde, you should also take some time to rest so you don’t experience the effects of stress to work. You will see great changes. positives appear in their lives that could significantly change their decisions for their future.


Gemini sign

The sign of Gemini. source: spm

Geminis will take advantage of these first days of August to enjoy their summer and have fun in their lives. No one can force them to do something they don’t like. This season of Leo and the entry of Mercury into the sign of Virgo will be very favorable for Gemini and will multiply their creativity and exchanges with others tenfold. They will live a magical and wonderful summer because this month of August will be rich at events positive after more difficult weeks. Gemini representatives will be free in their choices and will be able to make new decisions that will change your future.


the sign of virgo

The sign of Virgo. source: spm

The first days of August are going to be very favorable for Virgos. They will take the time to rest and have fun during this Leo season. With Mercury entering his sign, they will be more likely to meet new people this summer and perhaps find love. At work, Virgos will learn to delegate and let go. They will be more serene with her personality and will learn to value themselves. Virgos could leave their perfectionist side to satisfy some of his desires during this beginning of August. These changes will bring you a lot of determination and motivation for your future projects. They will come to make necessary decisions for their future that could completely alter their plans for the future.. The placement of the stars will bring a lot of joy in the life of Virgo.

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