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These are the shoes that everyone will wear this summer: they sublimate each outfit

Summer has begun and this year’s trends promise to surprise. For the season, there are a pair of must-have shoes to stay on trend. We’ll have to trade in the beach flip flops for this pair that everyone is buying!

They are gorgeous and glamorous and everyone would love to have them this summer. And for good reason, they’re both practical for the season and stylish. One thing is for sure: everyone will want to buy these irresistible pairs!

What is the trendy pair of shoes for summer 2022?

Summer is definitely the season for open-toed shoes, whether they’re low or high-tops. In fact, these accessories allow the foot to breathe when the temperature rises. To be at the forefront of fashion, you will first have to match your outfit with your shoes or vice versa. There is only one pair that combines perfectly with any look, from the most elegant to the most casual. They upgrade your outfit in no time and are without a doubt the shoes of summer 2022. This model is simple but sophisticated. on any occasion.

What to wear as footwear during the summer of 2022?

These shoes combine sophistication and simplicity. Wearing them, you will feel powerful, elegant and you can combine them with a whole range of outfits. And for good reason, you can wear them with denim shorts. and a plain t-shirt during the day, or at a candlelit dinner in a more sophisticated outfit. Do not forget the makeup indicated for the occasion.

Summer 2022 fashion sandals

Fashion sandals for the summer of 2022. Source: spm

It’s not a pair of summer 2022 sandals you want. And for good reason, they match an accurate description! This pair of sandals is available with a flat or heeled sole and very pretty laces that can be tied at the ankle (and even up to the calf). They are worn in various colors, but the 2022 trend is gold, silver and especially the flashy retro colors that remind us of the 90s. These strappy sandals can also be tied at the bottom, around the pants for a totally fashionable effect. . You’ll absolutely have to wear them this summer to be on the cutting edge of fashion!

There are other footwear trends to adopt this summer

Beyond the lace-up sandals that you must have in your wardrobe during the season, other trends have emerged to set the tone for this summer of 2022. You will have to follow them to be in the wind!

1- The mules are the fashion shoes in summer


Mules. source: spm

Appearing in winter at Fashion Week, the mules return to our feet. They can be worn in sober or striking colors to welcome this beautiful season. These retro shoes can be worn with everything and especially with jeans. Shoes that cause a sensation on the catwalks and on the street!

two- loafers are back in our shoe cabinet

loafers for women

Loafers for women – source: spm

These masculine shoes find their place on women’s feet! Summer will be an opportunity to think outside the box and wear them for an androgynous yet devilishly feminine look. We will only have to forget the sober models and give way to fantasy. Pastel colors are all apt to celebrate the beautiful days of summer 2022. Materials like raffia are at the forefront of fashion this season. Trends can go to all sizes as long as you know how to wear them.

3- All jams! The shoe that comes out of the closet


Clogs. source: spm

Who would have believed it? These shoes, which triumphed in the 70s, will hit the sidewalks this summer and will be the complement of the queens of fashion. Seen during Fashion Week this winter, they are updated with elegant models. This oversized piece should be worn with understated attire to stay on trend. A tank top and jeans can enhance this pair of shoes that do sensation during this season. Get out of floral prints and aerial materials! With these shoes, without a doubt: you will be at the forefront of fashion.

One thing is for sure: these trendy shoes will dress up your jeans or your dress and will enhance each of your outfits.

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