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Do you often lose socks in the washing machine? With this trick, it will never happen again.

Losing socks in the washing machine is a difficult case to explain. In addition to inattention when washing clothes, this error can occur when the fabric gets caught in certain mechanical parts of the machine, between the gasket and the drum. This situation can not only strain your nerves but also cause expensive and annoying damage.

What is that trick that will prevent you from losing your socks in the machine?

After a normal wash cycle, you may notice that your socks are missing even though you were sure you put them in the washing machine. Often the number of washes performed, the number of socks in the washing machine, and lack of care are the main factors to consider. However, to prevent this from happening again, adopt this simple gesture before each wash.

Put your socks in an old t-shirt

Lost socks.

Lost socks. source: spm

All you need is an old t-shirt, preferably white and cotton so you don’t ruin your socks. Simply place the socks to be washed inside the garment and tie them to create a kind of bag. Once the socks are stored, all you have to do is put them in the washing machine and throw them away as usual. This is the perfect trick to not lose your socks. Once out of the machine, they will not only be clean but above all complete! It is also possible to use a laundry net to slip into your underwear and socks.

Others tips for not losing socks in the washing machine

After every wash, it’s the same puzzle: you desperately try to put the socks together in pairs, but there’s always one or two missing. In addition to the T-shirt trick, the following simple and practical methods will allow you to find your entire pairs of socks and keep your washing machine running smoothly.

Wash the ball socks in the machine

ball socks

Ball socks. source: spm

To make sure you never lose your socks again, you can pick them up with their binoculars in the laundry basket. To do this, fold them into a ball before turning on the machine. By doing so, you do not risk losing them along the way. They will also stay tied in the washing machine. This quick and practical tip will surely solve an annoying everyday problem that can also cause damage to the machine.

Secure the pairs of socks with a safety pin.

safety pins

Safety pins. source: spm

Another easy technique to avoid losing your socks is to tie them with a safety pin or even a clothespin. However, you will need to do this as soon as you take off your socks to put them in the laundry basket. This method, which requires a bit of patience, is not only practical but very effective for sorting clean clothes.

Buy socks of the same color.

same color socks

Socks of the same color. source: spm

In order not to be delayed by a sock that is not found, it is always useful to buy several pairs of the same color. Even if you lose your socks, you always have a chance to quickly repair yourself. The identical double will then be at hand.and this, whatever the circumstances.

By adopting these few practical tips, the mystery surrounding orphaned socks will no longer be a concern. However, despite all your attempts, some may remain lost forever. In that case, you can always recycle them into dog toys, cup warmers, or winter gloves!


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