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How do you keep sliced ​​apples from turning brown? You just have to add a few drops of this liquid.

Chopping an apple to prepare a cake and enjoying a good dessert is one of the pleasures of everyday life. The only drawback is that this fruit can change color on contact with air and turn brown in just a few minutes. To anticipate this minor inconvenience, a means can be used in the kitchen to preserve the appetizing appearance of your apple and preserve its flavor!

Just like bananas, pears or avocados, apples also change color when exposed to air. Consumed daily in sliced ​​or cubed form, they are likely to turn brown and lose their vibrant colors. There’s also a good chance they’ll become mushy and unappetizing.

The apple can rapidly change color or even turn black once opened. This phenomenon is explained by an oxidation of the polyphenols contained in the fruit. Once cut, the fruit turns brown and thus loses its appetizing side. Fortunately, a liquid can be used to maintain the perfect whiteness of the apple, even after prolonged storage.

– Use lemon juice to preserve the color of the apple

Apple chunks drizzled with lemon juice

Apple chunks drizzled with lemon juice – Source: spm

Put lemon slices in a small bowl of water and leave for a few minutes before submerging the apple slices in the liquid. This citrus, which contains citric acid, a good antioxidant, will limit the oxidation of the fruit and protect it against browning. It is also possible to use it in juice. In a bowl of cold water, pour a tablespoon of lemon juice. Then put the apple slices in the mixture and let them soak for 5 minutes, then drain and rinse. For best efficiency, place freshly cut slices in the freezer. Place them first on a tray or plate for 3 hours in the freezer before putting them in an airtight plastic bag.

Other tips to preserve the color as well as the firm and juicy appearance of the apple

In addition to the lemon juice trick, other grandma’s methods can be used to prevent apple browning. Thanks to these means available at home and 100% natural ingredients, your apple will retain its original appearance. Here are some examples.

– Hold the apple slices with a rubber band

rubber band on an apple

Rubber band on an apple – Source: spm

This simple and practical trick will not require any ingredients. additional. Once you have finished slicing the apple, all you have to do is assemble and secure everything with a rubber band. This technique is very useful for preparing your child’s snack. It will give you the impression that the fruit has just been cut.

– Soak the apple pieces in salted water

Salt is often used to preserve food. So that your apple is always appetizing even after it has been cut, use this miraculous ingredient that delays its oxidation. To do this, pour two teaspoons of salt into a bowl of water before soaking the apple pieces. Leave on for two minutes before rinsing well. This trick can be of great help when you want to make a cake at home.

– Use honey on apple slices

honey and apple

Honey and apple – Source: spm

Honey can also be used to preserve the beautiful color of apples. Rich in antioxidant properties consisting of phenolics, vitamin C, and flavonoids, this product will do wonders for your apple. To do this, just pour a large glass of water into a bowl and add two tablespoons of honey. Next, dip the apple pieces and let them sit for five minutes. Drain the fruit and let it dry. From then on, all you have to do is place your beautiful slices into your apple pie crust.

Here are some very simple methods to prevent apple browning. By choosing one of these techniques, freshly cut apple slices will be protected from contact with the air. They will no longer lose their color or their appetizing appearance.

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