How to make an air conditioner with plastic bottles? 5 hours of guaranteed freshness

With the arrival of the heat wave and the constant increase in temperatures, it is good to take all the solutions. Especially if it allows us to get a little crazy with the air conditioning: certainly, it is especially useful at the moment, but we must not forget that it also increases the electricity bill at the end of the month. In addition, the advice that we are going to offer you today is very welcome. In fact, thanks to the two products you are going to use, your fan will not only blow air, but especially fresh air. Quickly discover this ingenious method that will be of great help to combat this infernal heat wave.

If you were looking for an interesting, but above all functional, alternative to expensive and sometimes even harmful air conditioning for the health of frail people, we have unearthed the ideal trick for you to fight against high temperatures. Using PET bottles and ice cubes, you will feel relieved like never before, at least for a few hours. Quickly try this method that will change your daily life!

Heat wave

A heat wave – Source: spm

But by the way, what does PET stand for? In fact, these letters designate “Polyethylene” and “Terephthalate”, the main components of plastic bottles of mineral water or certain beverages. So combined with ice cubes, this bottle can work wonders at home during this heat wave.

  • Stock up on ice cubes!

To easily make a “home air conditioner”, bet on the power of ice cubes. So, even before the weather forecast calls for a major heat wave in the next few days, build a substantial ice pack. And, as soon as the temperatures start to rise, be prepared to face the situation: place bowls of ice or plastic bottles of ice water around the perimeter of the room. You may be surprised how quickly the environment will cool down. And this, for several hours, all depends of course on the amount of ice you have.

  • fan and bottles

Another clever option is to combine ice cubes with your fan. Cut the neck off a plastic bottle and fill it with ice. Then place it in front of the rotating fan blades which will immediately disperse the cool air. As long as you have a very powerful fan, you will no longer be suffocated by ambient heat!

The most effective way to cool the air in the room is to get a plastic box with a lid that can hold five 2-litre PET bottles, a fan with a power cord, and a 10cm diameter 1-litre plastic elbow.

First, make two holes in the lid at opposite corners, placing the fan in one and the plastic elbow in the other. Fill the bottles with water, let them freeze for a while, and then put them in the box. Close the lid and plug in the fan. The cold air that comes out of the box through the plastic elbow will be dispersed throughout the room.

It has been shown that such a “household air conditioner” can cool the environment for up to five hours. Something to cool you down! After this time, you will only have to simply remove the bottles and introduce other frozen ones to enjoy a few more hours of freshness.

Other tips to cool the house without air conditioning

try to cool off

Trying to cool off – Source: spm

In addition to our advice, you can also get around the heat by adopting the appropriate gestures:

Even if the floor of your house is very clean, during the summer there is a little trick you can adopt to freshen up your living spaces. For example, in the bedroom, before going to sleep, consider mopping the floor with cold water. This may seem trivial, but you will find it especially useful: the water will immediately evaporate the heat from the floor, at least for a while, to keep the room cooler. Thus, the room temperature will drop slightly, but immediately.

  • Turn off heating devices

Many people don’t think about it, but when left on, some appliances help warm your interior even more. It is important to note that any device in operation necessarily emits heat. Therefore, if you want to cool down your house without using air conditioning, you should limit the use of some common appliances.

Do not leave the TV on in the living room if no one is watching it, try making summer recipes that do not require an oven or a long cooking time. Don’t forget to turn off and even unplug computers and other electronic equipment during the night in particular. Also avoid using the dryer too often to dry your hair. It will definitely increase your body heat and make you sweat!

If you can stop the emission of heat from all this equipment, you can keep the house a little cooler.

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