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The trick so that the pancakes no longer stick to the pan: just apply this trick

Your pancakes don’t want to fall out of the pan? Although there is no magic recipe, follow our tips, they can help you succeed without too much effort!

eat pancakes

Eat pancakes – Source: spm

How to prevent pancakes from sticking to the pan?

The problem that usually arises when preparing pancakes is that they tend to stick to the pan. And, as much to say that it’s really frustrating, especially if your texture is perfectly on point. But by the way, are you sure you used the most suitable utensil? Most often, the problem comes from the pan itself.

When making pancakes, you want to keep a hot, even surface, and if your pan is thin, the heat penetrates the center faster and other areas stay cool. If the pan you are using does not have a non-stick surface, the chances of the pancakes sticking to the pan are quite high.

Likewise, if the pan is scratched, the problem will be similar: the pancakes will have trouble coming off. Therefore, when cooking, it is always advisable to take good care of the utensils you use, so as not to damage them or alter their performance. Note, however, that there are pans on the market specially adapted for pancakes.

cook the pancakes

Cook the pancakes – Source: spm

Some useful tips for successful pancakes

  • It is not always easy to make perfect crepes according to the rules of the art. That’s why there are some clever techniques to consider to make them as delicious and golden as possible. First of all: if you want them not to stick, use a suitable pan, more specifically, one that is non-stick and has a flat surface.
  • Also remember to grease the pan with oil or butter. It is recommended to use 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable or canola oil. But always be careful, as too much oil can cause problems.
  • Heat is another factor that influences pancakes sticking to the pan. Therefore, always opt for slow cooking, because if the flame is too high, your pancakes may brown too quickly on the edges, while the insides will remain raw and sticky. And it is not very pleasant in the mouth!
  • Another great tip: always let the batter rest, even if your kids are burning with impatience to devour their pancakes. Many cooks believe that 20 minutes is enough to make delicious pancakes, but above all for them to have a smooth and delicious texture.

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