How many times do you need to restart your smartphone to make it work properly?

When our phone starts crashing or slows down, we tend to restart it to fix bugs and optimize performance. However, turning off the phone is not to everyone’s taste. In fact, some people do not like to take the risk of resetting their phone for fear of getting the wrong PIN code and thus bricking their smartphone. That said, restarting the phone is an unavoidable operation, even beneficial for the proper functioning of the phone, as long as it is done according to standards. With that being said, find out how often you can reboot your smartphone to get it working properly.

To preserve the performance of your smartphone and improve its operation, a restart may seem necessary. On the other hand, this operation cannot be done at all. Here is the recommended frequency to restart your smartphone without affecting its proper functioning.

How many times do we have to restart the smartphone for it to work properly?

restart the phone

Reboot the phone. source: spm

Rebooting the phone certainly has several benefits, however it should not be abused. A reboot once a week is more than enough. Turn your phone off, then let it sit for a few minutes, before turning it back on.

In which cases can the smartphone be restarted?

It is necessary to restart your smartphone, when you need it install operating system updates. Please note that these are very beneficial for your smartphone. They allow, in fact, to reinforce the security of your device, and protect it from computer errors and viruses.

You can also restart your phone if it starts to get slow or that the bugs are more numerous. Also, if you feel like your phone is overheating, restarting can be a useful solution, as long as it helps. prevent overheating caused by minor software bugs. Note that phone overheating can also be caused by excessive phone usage or too many apps running in the background.

If you feel the need to reboot your phone more than once a week, that means some something is wrong with its operation all the more that a telephone, even if it ages, does not require more than one start-up per week

What is the point of restarting your smartphone?

turn off the smartphone

Turn off the smartphone. source: spm

Restarting the phone once a week has important benefits. This allows to free the RAM, and prevents power-hungry apps from running in the background. In this way, you avoid a discharge of the battery, but also overheating problems and the slowness of your smartphone. Restarting the phone can also improve the signal and increase the mobile data.

On the other hand, what could impact your smartphone is rather the way of charging it. In fact, it is recommended to charge the phone when the battery is between 20 and 30% and unplug the phone before reaching 100% charge.

That said, to improve your phone’s performance, it may help to restart it once a week. This also helps to fix some bugs and makes your smartphone faster.

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