Stress-free vacation: the typical day

We look forward to the holidays to relax, but unfortunately sometimes we still start running in all directions during the holidays! Results: fatigue and stress! You have to forget this bad habit, learn to slow down and focus on yourself, at least during the holidays. These are our tips for a typical day.

1. I…

relax on the beach

Relaxing on the beach – Source: spm

First rule to relax during the holidays: focus on yourself, listen to your body, your own needs and adjust to your own rhythm. For example, if others want to go to the beach at 8 in the morning and you prefer to sleep at that time, you have to learn to listen to your rhythm. Precisely for that, you have to use the “no… I can’t, I don’t want to, I prefer to sleep, I prefer to eat first, etc”. It is not selfish, it is the healthiest attitude one can have to find inner calm and well-being. And without it, it is impossible to give attention or love to others.

2. Reading time

read a novel

Read a novel – Source: spm

To really relax this summer, we advise you to dedicate an hour a day to reading. Avoid books or articles that talk about economics or politics (at least during the holidays). Think of self-development books, or even novels that take you out of your daily grind. This type of reading allows you to distance yourself from things, experience less tension and stress, and therefore be more lucid.

If you have never read Bernard Weber, this is your chance to find out, he is one of the most widely read and translated French authors.

3. The world works

Walk in the park

Walking through a park – Source: spm

Walking is the essential physical activity of the holidays. If, like many people, you don’t want to exercise (and sweat!), then walking is for you. Whether you are alone or accompanied, walking helps relax joints, strengthen muscles, stimulate breathing, regulate heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, etc. The main thing is to choose a circuit that is not too polluted, by the passage of cars, and not go outside in the hottest hours of the day.

4. Timing of treatment

Dedicate about thirty minutes each day to pamper yourself, to take care of yourself. Hair mask with a good vegetable oil, clay-based face mask, hand treatment, manicure or pedicure, or even a little foot massage: adopt the treatment as a true bedtime ritual by example. This is the fastest way to do yourself good, to forget the difficulties or the wickedness of people.

5. Practice silence

Last advice: practice silence at least one day a week. That is, speaking only to request necessary information or to convey information.

Silence is a spiritual practice that dates back several millennia; it simply helps reduce the mental chatter that pushes us to constantly talk about more or less interesting things.

Keeping silence for a while facilitates refocusing on oneself, allows contact with the inner being, the desires or the inner difficulties of the person. And this is where the real relief begins, which can also accompany you after the holidays when you return to work. When your classmates ask you: What’s your secret? You will tell them: Practice silence!

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