Why should we exercise?

You know that sport is very important to be and stay healthy, but don’t you play sports? It’s hard ? You do not have time? You will find the time if you are convinced of the usefulness of playing sports… Here are some benefits of physical exercise.

Better resistance and better flexibility.

do sport

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If you got tired at the beginning of the day, if you absolutely need a strong coffee or two to wake you up, sport can change your daily life. Regular physical activity restores vitality, improves the body’s resistance, increases its endurance and also its flexibility.

Lack of flexibility (or joint stiffness) becomes more and more important with age. But with regular sports activity, it increases blood circulation and maintains its flexibility. No more heaviness or inertia!

heart health


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The health of the heart, that tiny bundle of muscles, is the key to everything.

Physical exercise improves your breathing and heart rate, which improves the capacity of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

With regular sports activity, you improve your heart health and reduce your risk of stroke.

Mental health

Physical activity is a valuable key to good mental health. Drive away depression, dark thoughts, anxiety and loneliness. Sport actually acts as a natural high.

All athletes know this feeling of euphoria and lightness that occurs when they are in full perspiration, the pain disappears and gives way to pleasure. It is scientifically proven that sport stimulates the production of well-being hormones. And that balances all the brain chemistry. Physical activity also improves concentration, school performance in children, but above all the quality of sleep.

“Physical activity balances all brain chemistry, resulting in better concentration, better sleep, etc.

skin beauty

Good news: sport helps maintain the elasticity of your skin. And you do not suspect the immense effect of sport on the quality and beauty of the skin. You have to try it to understand it. Your skin will breathe, blackheads and blemishes will diminish, collagen production will increase and you will look healthy. The famous good looks of sportsmen! There are many other benefits of sport, on the digestive system for example, or to prevent degenerative diseases or cancer.

In summary, we can say that our body is not made to spend days sitting in an office chair. The movement is necessary to optimize the machine.

I really don’t have time!

This is a very common excuse. But if we have managed to convince you, you will organize yourself to dedicate time to sport. Know in any case that regular practice is necessary to benefit from the positive effects of sport. 2 to 3 times a week (about 1 hour each time). Stationary biking, walking, team sports, or even housework or gardening are all good for moving regularly. It is the essential.

Benefits of sport for teenagers

play sports in the room

Play sports in the room – Source: spm

“Adolescence is a very special period, the body of the child (in the process of becoming an adult) is invaded by hormonal changes of great magnitude. Mood disorders, anxiety, or even aggression are not uncommon. Sport is an important physical and psychological help for your child. It allows her to get closer to a better self-esteem, thanks to this activity that highlights her abilities. If sport is practiced in a group, it is even more beneficial, it becomes a factor of integration and socialization.

And this is very important during adolescence. All team sports are good for absorbing violence and promoting integration: volleyball, handball, soccer, etc. Young people with a more reserved character will prefer an individual sport, that’s not a problem. Everyone has their own temperament. At the hormonal level, sport allows a significant reduction in stress and favors the hormones of relaxation. Thus, the critical period of adolescence can pass without major concerns, without major conflicts.

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