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When it’s hot, what we prefer is to end the meal on a refreshing note. For perfect ice cream, we follow the guide.

make ice cream at home

Make ice cream at home – Source: spm

We choose the right ingredients

We don’t skimp on fat: whole milk and cream, with a minimum of 30% fat! You can whip the whipped cream and add an egg white to add air. As for sweeteners, we prefer honey or glucose syrup.

We opted for an ice cream maker or turbine

It is a worthwhile investment! After brewing, simply pour it into the tank, let it run for 20-40 minutes, and voila! It can be kept in the freezer until tasting.

yogurt pots

Yogurt jars – Source: spm

we prefer yogurt

Do you lack milk or cream? Don’t panic, we use yogurt! For the “yogurt ice cream”, a real star of the summer, you only need a mixer, yogurt and sweetener (optional). It can be customized with fresh and dried fruit, chocolate chips, muesli, citrus zest… For a smoother feel, choose Greek yogurt.

We bet on the fruit

Do you know the “good cream”? This frozen recipe is made from just one ingredient: frozen banana! Mixed, its texture is comparable to that of ice cream. It is available according to your wishes: with chocolate chips, oilseed butter… As for frozen red fruits (strawberries, raspberries…), mixed with sugar and liquid cream, they are transformed into sorbet.

ice cream molds

Ice molds – Source: spm

Choose the right molds

For the bars we prefer silicone moulds, easy to unmold and clean, horizontal for a simple and uncomplicated filling. Otherwise, keep empty yogurt jars or use ice cube molds or cups.

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