How to plant the Mexican blue palm?

The blue palm is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant throughout the world, although its origin is in Baja California, Mexico, a place that offers very high temperatures most of the year, ideal for this plant.

The Blue Palm of Mexico

The blue palm of Mexico – Source: spm

The Mexican blue palm (Brahea armata) belongs to the Araceae family. Its height can be up to 7 meters. This tree is undemanding. Prefers well-drained soil and sunny locations. The Mexican blue palm can be planted alone or in a line in the ground. Its cultivation can also be done in a container. From May to the end of August it can be planted in the ground in a deep hole whose bottom has been covered with a good layer of gravel. This will prevent stagnation of water around the root system. In fact, the Mexican blue palm is very afraid of excess water. In addition, it is absolutely necessary to avoid soil enrichment. For pot cultivation, choose a light, not too rich and draining substrate. Prefers potting soil and sand mixes.


mexican blue palm tree in the garden

Mexican blue palm in the garden – Source: spm

If you are going to grow a Mexican blue palm tree in your garden, place it near a wall. This will protect the tree from strong winds.

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