6 rituals to relax at the beginning of the school year

Recovery soon? This year, there is no doubt that stress invades you. Discover the gentle solutions to keep it at a distance and finally spend a year zen.

After weeks of relaxation away from the daily hustle and bustle, the start of the new school year is upon us. And with it, her share of stress. It is not about being overwhelmed and losing the energy gained for several weeks in a few days. Now, make yourself a promise this year: don’t worry! Give up everything is perfect: at home, do not set the bar very high wanting to take care of everything, in the office, accept that you are not essential. Tell yourself that it is impossible to do everything at the same time. You risk burning out and probably doing a few things wrong anyway, which will undermine you. And as many times as necessary during the week, take some time for yourself: warn the children and the spouse that for 30 minutes, you are not for anyone! And here are some ideas of what you could do with it…

prepare a bath

Preparing a bath – Source: spm

We dive into the deep end

A bubble bath embellished with a few drops of essential oils can transform it into a true moment of well-being. Orange and lavender have relaxing properties, while juniper and Scots pine energize the body and mind. Because they are insoluble in water, you must first mix them with a neutral base available in pharmacies or, in system D, with a tablespoon of milk powder.

Avoid rinsing when you get out of the bath, to keep the benefits of essential oils with you.

Just dry your body, rubbing your skin with a towel. What if you take advantage of this moment of relaxation to offer your face the application of a mask? The heat of the bath activates the skin’s microcirculation while opening the pores of the epidermis.

Now is the perfect time! To choose soothing, moisturising, purifying or anti-aging depending on the problem at hand.


Stretching – Source: spm

stretch to relax

To prevent stress from overwhelming you, regularly practicing exercises that release muscle tension is a good option. The rear is a privileged area. Stand up, fingers crossed, palms facing the ground.

Slowly raise your fully extended arms above your head. Your palms are then facing the ceiling. Stretch your back well as if you want to grow taller.

Hold the position for 5 seconds, before extending your arms horizontally and then releasing them. Do this movement three times in a row, while breathing deeply. At the end of the exercise, do you feel like yawning? This is a good sign, it means that this exercise has relaxed you.

get rid of stress

The shoulders are another “tension storage area.” Sometimes stress makes them hard like wood.

To relax them, slowly roll your shoulders forward 5 times in a row, then back 5 more times. Inhale by inflating your lungs well and exhale slowly. There is nothing like that to lower your nervousness a little. Finally, relax your eyes riveted all day on the screen: eyes open, start with movements from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Attention, only the eyes work, your head does not move. Go back and forth five times, very slowly. Then move your eyes horizontally: from right to left, then from left to right.

Finally, “write” the letters of the alphabet with your eyes. Don’t try to get all twenty-six letters of the alphabet in one go. Five to ten letters are enough to get started.

We create with our hands

Embroidery, watercolor, drawing, framing, calligraphy… Creative hobbies have become an inescapable reality in hobbies. Especially since the benefits are not lacking. Not only is it still cheaper to make yourself than to buy ready-made objects, creating allows you to clear your mind because while you think about how you are going to do your work, you keep your day-to-day worries. but it is also very rewarding to work with your hands and get back to the simple things. So we don’t hesitate to “make” our interior decoration, to “create” our clothes and those of our children, to decorate photobooks, to delve into weaving or embroidery…

Relaxing aromas are diffused.

Whether it’s to chase away mounting stress or offer you a blissful break, turn to the benefits of essential oils. Depending on the choice, these olfactory essences can energize your mind, relieve stress, purify and perfume the air.

Thus, diluted in two tablespoons of water, 5-6 drops of essential oils of pine or saro purify the environment, while those of bergamot energize the mind, and those of geranium, lavender, tangerine or chamomile relax. Let them act for 30 minutes in large rooms and 15 minutes in bedrooms.

What if you take advantage of this time to dedicate yourself to some relaxing activity such as meditation, yoga or just a little reading? Please note that breathing essential oils is not recommended for children under 12 years of age and people with asthma.

self massage

Self-massage – Source: spm


Because you are never better cared for than by yourself, nothing like a self-massage to overcome tiredness and nervousness.

Try these life-saving moves:

– Take the skin of the neck with your whole hand and hold the position for a few seconds, while you breathe deeply. Then, without releasing her grip, drop your head forward and slowly turn to the right side, then to the left side, as if to gently say “no.” Finally, raise your head and this time make an up and down movement, as if saying “yes”. By releasing tension, these maneuvers increase energy throughout the body. To do at any time of the day, as soon as you feel loose.

– Then wedge your back firmly against the back of the chair and place both hands on top of your shoulders, almost at neck level.

Knead the skin with both hands, rub, knead to relax the trapezius muscles. Then raise your right arm and place your hand, wide open, against your left shoulder blade.

Place the palm of your left hand on your right elbow and gently push back: your hand then falls lower, just below your shoulder blade. This is often where the pain hides. Using your fingertips, press, pinch and massage the sore area for 3-4 minutes. Don’t hesitate to press firmly, the back has strong muscles. Do the same gestures on the other side.

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