Do you have good friends? 6 questions to finally find out

You don’t choose your family, but your friends, yes! However, are you sure you are well surrounded? To find out, take the quiz.

  1. After a year abroad, you finally come home! The plane lands at 10 pm…

  1. Your friends didn’t have the patience to wait until the next day to see you again. They came to meet you at the airport with a “Welcome Home!” sign. “.
  2. When you set foot on the ground, you turn on your smartphone. It begins to vibrate, announcing a flood of text messages: “Hope to see you! “, ” When we will meet ? » …
  3. Starting tomorrow, you will write to your friends to organize a reunion lunch.
  1. 10:30 p.m. Your daughter announces that she just landed her dream job. Last month, her son won the jackpot…
  2. Your daughter’s happiness is contagious. You pick up your phone to share the good news.
  3. It’s a little late to call. You wait until the next day to exploit your pride!
  4. You are about to send an SMS and you give up: not everyone gets your chance.

You don’t want to risk making people jealous.

  1. These days, you’re not in a very good mood…

  1. Your friends read you like a book.

They have come together to devise a program with onions for you all weekend.

  1. You trust your friends, who sincerely regret not seeing anything.
  2. You look good. The last time you spilled, you had the unpleasant feeling that you were considered a “poor spoiled child.”
  1. You are chatting quietly with your friends in front of a cafe when a neighbor rings the doorbell unexpectedly…

Two friends in a cafe having fun

Two friends in a cafe having fun – spm

  1. “Hello Stephan! Are you having a cup with us? they ask you before you have had time to suggest it.
  2. “Hello, sir,” they greet him politely.
  3. “Isn’t he the neighbor whose car you scratched?” “, they laugh without much discretion.
  1. You are faced with an unexpected expense that could put you in an awkward situation…

  2. You discover that a transfer has been made to your account. It is accompanied by a message: “Refund me when you can. Signed: a friend who wishes you well! »
  3. You tell your friends, convinced that one of them can help you. After all, it was you who got his hands on the wallet last time.
  4. You tighten your belt. Your friends are so stuck when it comes to money.
  1. For a long weekend with friends, you rented an Airbnb.

Of the three bedrooms, one has a four-poster bed. Your dream ! Bad luck, it’s also your friends’…

  1. It’s several nights, what’s the problem?

Each will sleep there in turn.

  1. Draw to see who will win the right to occupy this princess bed.
  2. It’s already so nice that your friends have found time to go with you.

So it’s you who doesn’t care.

Test results

You have a maximum of A

you have close friends

two close friends

Two close friends – spm

“One for all, all for one!” is the motto of your clan. Like the TV series Friends, you consider your friends like a second family, even the family you would have dreamed of having. Impossible to live (too long) away from them and vice versa. Whether it’s partying or weathering the storm, they’ll always be there for you, just like you’ll always be there for them.

Our advice: fusion has something reassuring, but it also rhymes with confusion. Be careful not to lose yourself in this relationship, however affectionate it may be. If the important thing is to share good times with friends, it is essential to know how to spend time alone with yourself and allow yourself to meet new people.

You have a maximum of B

You have friends you can count on

“Out of sight, close to heart” could be your motto. You don’t have to see your friends all the time to know they’re there. The bond you have forged with them is unbreakable. What does it matter if several months go by without seeing you: when you meet again it is as if you had never left each other.

Our advice: You have a balanced relationship with your friends. Do not forget, however, that friendship is like a green plant: for it to flourish, it must be maintained, even in homeopathic doses. A message or a phone call prove to be invaluable allies when the schedule is too full to spend time with your loved ones.

You have a maximum of C

Your friends are more like girlfriends.

The least we can say is that you walk on eggshells with your friends. You don’t dare tell them everything for fear of being judged or misunderstood. But are you really sure they are friends? Aren’t they rather the girlfriends with whom you kill time more or less pleasantly?

Our advice: friendship is based on sincere relationships imbued with benevolence. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the nature of the relationships you have with those around you. Put some distance with your friends. Take the opportunity to spend time alone so you can learn to appreciate your own company. You can only be truly loved by others when you already love (a little) yourself.

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