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Chinese dietetics brings together a set of theoretical and practical food hygiene rules based on observations established over millennia. Based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this preventive diet modality aims to optimize the functioning of our body. So what are the basics of this diet?

diet menu

Diet menu – Source: spm

What is the place of dietetics in TCM?

Like acupuncture, Tui na massage, pharmacopoeia, Qi Gong physical exercises, and meditation, Chinese dietetics is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. This way of eating is well anchored in the culture of the country. Chinese families apply these rules without having studied them in school or read them in books. This diet, considered the greatest art of prevention in the country, is one of the Chinese secrets of longevity. The latter can live as long as the inhabitants of the most developed countries, despite the high rates of poverty registered in the most isolated towns. According to Chinese dietetics, health also goes through the plate. Therefore, we would rarely suffer if we ate properly.

This principle was confirmed by Sun Si Miao, a well-known Chinese doctor who said that “He who cannot eat cannot live.”

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Drink water – Source: spm

The essential rules of Chinese dietetics.

Chinese dietetics aims, in particular, to balance the energy spent on digestion and the energy provided by food. For this, it is necessary, in particular, to eat hot food, since our spleen tends to heat food in order to assimilate it. Eating hot dishes, therefore, facilitates the work of the spleen but also that of the kidneys, which preserves the body’s Yang. Thus, we assimilate food better, which improves digestion. However, you should avoid eating foods or liquids that are too hot, as you risk injuring the mucous membranes as well as the cells in your mouth and esophagus.

Also remember to vary your menus. By choosing a variety of foods, you provide your body with all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements it needs. It favors the consumption of fresh and seasonal products to take advantage of all their virtues. In Chinese energy it is important to respect the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. In fact, each season offers us foods that treat and nourish particular organs. Eating everything in each season helps us take care of all our organs. Opt for ripe (not green) and local fruits and vegetables. You should also know that in the Chinese diet it is necessary to limit the consumption of dairy products since the enzyme that facilitates their digestion disappears in adolescence, hence the appearance of allergic reactions to lactose in some at this age.

You should also know that chewing food plays a fundamental role in traditional Chinese diet. The latter recommends getting into the habit of chewing each bite at least twenty times before ingesting it. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking at least a liter of fluid (warm or hot) every day. Drink throughout the day slowly and in small sips. Absolutely avoid drinking during meals so as not to dilute gastric juices.

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