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The washing machine, which has become essential, allows regular washing of clothes, adapting to the specifics of the clothes that are washed there. However, when you put anything on it, you seriously jeopardize the proper functioning of the device. Discover one thing that is better not to wash in the washing machine.

It’s not uncommon to wash all sorts of things in the washing machine, especially when they fit easily into the drum. Except that by dint of not respecting certain conditions of use, we end up damaging certain garments but also damaging in the long run the essential components for the operation of the device.

What should not be machine washed?

To prolong the life of the washing machine, certain precautions must be taken on a daily basis. As such, there are certain things used around the house or in the bathroom that should never be machine washed. Here is an example.

  • The bath mat in the washing machine, a risk not to be overlooked

bath mat washing machine

Bath mat in the washing machine – Source: spm

If you are used to washing bathroom rugs in the washing machine, this is not necessarily a good idea. In fact, some particularly absorbent mats cannot be machine washed for the simple reason that they can triple in volume by absorbing a large amount of water. Then, If you put a rug in the machine with other items, it may overload the machine’s drum and cause damage. By generating an overload, it can compromise the turning function. Similarly, rubber backed bath mats are not suitable for machine washing. In fact, the rubber fragments can end up inside the machine and clog the essential components of the device.

It should be noted that some bath mats can be machine washed as long as the fabric is suitable for this type of washing. To be sure, check the washing label to choose the washing program corresponding to the fiber of the carpet.

Other items that should never be machine washed

Like the bath mat, delicate objects and fabrics should never be put in the washing machine. This could not only damage the device but also certain tissues.

  • Delicate fabrics such as wool, silk or nylon in the washing machine

sweaters with delicate fabrics

Sweaters with delicate fabrics in the washing machine – Source: spm

In order not to damage some of your favorite clothes, certain fabrics such as fine lingerie, nylon stockings or tulle may tear in the machine. The same goes for knitwear or wool that can be damaged by the friction of the machine. Opt for a hand wash in cold water to eliminate any risk of deterioration. For silk garments, it is possible to submerge them in a mixture of warm and soapy water, but never hot. Finally, leather clothes have no place in the washing machine. It is better to wash them in dry cleaners that use suitable washing products.

  • Clothes with accessories in the washing machine

In addition to delicate fabrics, some garments cannot be machine washed. These can be particularly detrimental to the operation of the device. These are garments with accessories. these little things in fact, it can come loose when the machine is running at full speed and damage the drum. If they are medium-sized accessories, make sure they are securely fastened before you put them in the washing machine.

  • Small items in the washing machine

Small items such as handkerchiefs, small socks, shoelaces, or the like can also damage washer components. Therefore, they can clog the filter or go through the drum. Therefore, it is advisable to place them in cloth bags before putting them in the machine.

As you may have understood, to prolong the life of your device, certain rules must be respected, starting with the choice of clothes that are washed in it daily. Always pay attention to certain small details that can sometimes be fatal!

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