this oversight increases your winter bills

During the summer, the radiators are forced to rest because the weather is nice and hot! For this reason, we tend to abandon these devices that keep us warm in winter. But it is important to maintain them so that they can be useful to us when winter comes. Find out how frequent carelessness can make using your heater dangerous and costly.

Although radiators are not used in summer, it is essential to take care of their maintenance to avoid certain uncomfortable situations during winter. After you’ve turned them off for many months, it’s important not to just run them off. This can be dangerous and cost you dearly. Before considering replacing your radiators, it would be necessary to check their condition.

What omission in summer can make using your radiator dangerous and expensive?

young woman in front of a heater

Young woman in front of a heater. source: spm

Come summer, warm sweaters and blankets are relegated to closets when cold drinks, tank tops, flip flops and shorts are out. But what about your good and loyal radiator that was around and helpful all winter? Well, this device will definitely collect dust in the corner of the room.

It can be used as a wet towel holder, a sleeping stand for your cat, or simply a shelf for your plants.

Do you think that your radiator does not require any maintenance in summer? Nope! If you plan to use your heating as winter approaches, then a pass through the maintenance box will be necessaryeither mobile heater or oil bath heater.

In summer, as during the rest of the year, you take the time to thoroughly clean your house. A task that should also include the maintenance of your radiator. To do this, simply remove the dust and eliminate the cobwebs that could form and remain embedded inside the device.

Why clean your radiator during the summer?

cleaning a wall heater

Cleaning a wall heater. source: spm

As with any fan or air conditioning unit, servicing your radiator is necessary for it to function properly, whether it is a standard electric heater, an inertia radiator, a cast iron radiator, aluminum, steel, a central heating or underfloor heating. .

To clean your radiator, it is important that it is completely cold. Therefore, the time is perfectly chosen in the summer, since it is warm enough. not be active, the heater is not likely to overheat once turned on. This inexpensive solution will save you money on your electricity bill in winter.

To clean your radiator, you should not be content with superficial dusting. Access pipes and ducts using tools that will make cleaning easier. It will also be appropriate to use your vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust on the surface and finish cleaning with a long cylindrical brush, a microfiber cloth or a combination of both to reach the smallest corners of the pipes.

During your cleanup, you will have the opportunity to view the status of your device. Indeed, the traces of rust that may appear will give you a better idea of ​​the condition of your radiator. This will give you time to fix it or to replace it if that is‘Recognized necessary. Of course, it is not advisable to attempt any solitary repairs to your radiator. Do not hesitate to go to a professional who will check the condition of your appliance and carry out the necessary tests to guarantee its correct operation during the winter, in particular checking the hydraulic balance of the heating system.

Also, one of the most common mistakes is leaving the thermostatic valves on your radiator closed. Again, carelessness on your part could damage your radiator and make it unusable in winter. The heating system could get stuck due to limestone that could form within the system. Leave the valves on your appliance open in the summer to ensure gentle warmth in the winter.

If your radiator has programmable thermostatic valves, all you have to do is remove the batteries and put them back when you want to reset the system. Left in your device, batteries could naturally generate a self-discharge phenomenon, degrading your radiator and ultimately causing poisoning by deteriorating ambient air quality.

To conclude, beyond its role as a towel dryer, the radiator essentially allows you to heat well. A well-maintained radiator will run longer and prevent excessive energy consumption.

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