What should be added to milk to keep it longer? A pinch is enough

Are you a big consumer of milk and don’t know how to store it for a long time? We are going to share with you a trick that will allow you to keep milk fresh for a long time after opening it. In fact, milk is a very fragile and more easily perishable food. To avoid any food waste, you can follow this trick to keep your milk fresh longer. Dairy products are foods that do not keep for a long time and the risk of spoilage can occur frequently.

Here is a tip that will allow you to keep the milk after opening it for a longer time.

What’s the trick to storing milk after opening?

milk in a bottle

Bottled milk – Source: spm

To store milk correctly, it is advisable to leave it in a place at room temperature when it is still closed, especially if it is UHT sterilized milk. After opening the milk, it is better to store it in the refrigerator, otherwise it will turn sour and you will no longer be able to consume it. Opened milk should be stored between 0°C and 4°C in the coldest part of the refrigerator on top of your device. You should also avoid placing it in your fridge door and keep it away from other smelly foods.

  • Add a pinch of salt after opening the milk to preserve it.

The salt

Salt – Source: spm

To preserve milk for as long as possible, there is a trick that will allow you to consume it for a long time. You will avoid wasting your dairy product with this simple tip. To preserve milk well after opening, you can add a pinch of salt to your bottle of milk. This will double its storage time and you won’t notice the taste of salt in the milk.

Salt is an antimicrobial that can disrupt the growth of bacteria. In addition, and as our colleagues at CNEWS tell us, salt helps preserve perishable foods such as meat or fish, due to its ability to absorb moisture and retain it.


Milk – Source: spm

If your bottle of UHT sterilized milk is still closed, you can keep it for three months at room temperature and in a dry place. If your milk is pasteurized, it must be kept in the refrigerator and its expiration date is usually between 15 and 20 days. To keep your milk fresh as long as possible, keep it in its original container and place it away from other smelly foods. Otherwise, you risk tarnishing the flavor of the milk. To preserve milk as long as possible, you can also freeze it, but this can affect the taste and quality of the milk.

You already know the tricks to keep milk as long as possible to avoid food waste. You will be able to drink milk for a longer time without exceeding the expiration date.

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