Home, car, telephone… how to take out insurance with the best quality/price ratio?

Whether mandatory or optional, our insurance weighs heavily on our budget. Our advice to avoid the outbreak.

The French spend an average of almost €1,000 a year on their insurance. Essential, housing and car contracts alone represent the most important items (about €810 in 2020, according to an online comparator LeLynx). They are followed by telephone insurance, life insurance, sometimes protection for a pet… But fortunately, there are some tricks to control this budget, or even reduce it in an interesting way.

take out home insurance

Take out home insurance – Source: spm


Home insurance prices have increased by 33% between 2010 and 2021, according to a recent study by the online comparator Assurland! While in 2010 you had to pay 162 euros per year according to the contract, the average annual bill in 2021 is 216 euros. Please note that there are many differences between regions.

Start by seriously analyzing your contract and the various guarantees contracted. Has your child left home to go to school? Your insurer may reduce the bill. The same if you have invested in different security systems: alarm, surveillance cameras, armored door installation… A simple call to your advisor to update your contract may save you a few dozen euros.

You can also play with the deductible (the amount beyond which you are compensated in the event of a claim). Nothing prevents you from asking for a downward revision to deflate the bill. However, if you are robbed, for example, you should know that in return, you will also be compensated less.

And also: after electricity and gas, the purchasing group is interested in home insurance. In March, for the first time in our country, the online comparator Selectra and the Families of France association negotiated a contract with the insurer Luko for some 10,000 registered people. The latter will benefit from a 25% reduction on their subscription for the first year, in the form of three months free! Sure, strength in numbers can really help!

Car insurance

Car insurance – Source: spm


Have you moved and changed region? Inform your car insurer, because the place of residence is, along with the age of the driver, what most affects the price of your quote. Sometimes you don’t have to go very far. If you move to a house with a garden or canopy to park your vehicle (which will therefore no longer be parked on public roads), you can save up to 15%. Another thing to know: if your car is more than five years old and its market price has dropped, you can, again, renegotiate your contract lower.

And also: often acclaimed, the “all risks” formula is reassuring, but not necessarily economically advantageous or adapted to your needs. If you are a good driver and your car is not very young, it may be better to go to the “extended third party” which, depending on the brand, can still include a glass breakage and fire guarantee, and legal protection… Enough to lower the score by 30% with certain models.


To avoid surcharges, the best way to save money on two-wheelers is to tailor your contract as closely as possible to your practice on the road. There is also insurance per kilometer. As the name implies, you pay according to the distance traveled each month. A GPS unit, provided by your insurer, takes care of the calculation. A solution that is often advantageous for small cyclists and pleasure riding enthusiasts only.

And what’s more: with seasonal insurance, you can adjust your monthly payments and reduce your contributions. Thus, in summer your scooter will be very well insured while in winter it will only be covered by the legal minimum. However, keep in mind that on bad days you can drive it, but the damage caused in the event of an accident will not be covered.

phone repair

Phone repair – Source: spm


Mobile insurance can cost from €20 to €300 per year, for the most complete. Again, read the terms of the contract carefully to learn about the different types of covered incidents and their level of reimbursement. For example, will you be able to benefit from a new laptop if it is stolen without assault, broken, rusted?

Check especially if you have not contracted these guarantees elsewhere, because sometimes, if your smartphone is damaged or stolen inside your home, your multi-risk home insurance can cover its repair or replacement. Yes, when it comes to insurance, searching for duplicates often saves you tens of dollars!

And also: if you have several digital devices (tablet, laptop, connected watch, etc.), there is no need to take out dedicated insurance for each one. One may be enough. The Mobile Device warranty, now offered by many insurers, covers all your high-tech items and provides compensation in the event of breakage, theft or broken screen.

Some more tips…

– One-time payment

Paying your annual fee all at once can save you 5% on your bill. Opting for the monthly direct debit seems a priori lighter on the pocket, but it often entails additional costs.

– Take an interest in neo-insurance

In recent years, along with the insurance giants, the market has seen the arrival of new 100% digital players. They are called Luko, Lemonade, Leocare… and they don’t have agencies or physical advisers. With them, everything is done in a few clicks and online. This is what allows them to show very competitive rates, up to 30% cheaper than with traditional insurers. But before subscribing, check the conditions and guarantees offered anyway.

– Always play the competition

Since the Hamon law of 2015, changing insurers is ultra-simple, once the period of the first year of commitment has elapsed. But I still have to think about it! Every two or three years take a look at online comparators such as LeLynx, Lesfurets, Assurland or Hyperassur, to have a panel of offers in a few minutes. Another hint: use an insurance broker. This can be really interesting if you haven’t renegotiated your various contracts for years.

– Consolidate all your insurance

Loyalty is often rewarded. So don’t hesitate to ask your “historical” insurer, which manages your home contract, for example, an estimate for your car and, perhaps, a warranty extension for your connected devices. By creating a complete package, you will surely be able to benefit from advantages and preferential rates. And then, having a single interlocutor often makes follow-up easier… Because never forget: time is also money!

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