The genius trick to quickly and easily find your luggage at the airport

When traveling by plane, several factors can be a source of stress. The fear of missing the flight, of not checking in on time, the anxiety generated during the takeoff and landing phases, the turbulence, but also the fear of not finding the suitcase at the exit. Sometimes retrieving your luggage can quickly become a chore due to the conveyor belt revealing the bags one by one. And the suspense is at its peak!

If you want to avoid the endless wait for your suitcase to appear on the conveyor belt, we give you some tips to do so.

The luggage

Baggage – Source: spm

If you travel by plane, you know that you need to check your luggage and that has its pros and cons. Us We are going to share with you tips on how to collect your luggage first.

– Check your luggage last

baggage check-in

Baggage check-in – Source: spm

In order to find your luggage quickly after landing, you should check it in last so that it is on top of all luggage so that it is dropped off first on arrival. When you go to the airport, make sure you check in last so they end up on top of the baggage pile in the hold. In addition, so that your checked baggage is protected, you can request a “fragile” tag so that it is handled with care in the hold and is well placed in relation to other bags.

– Check your luggage at the reception of your boarding gate

If you arrive at the airport early to catch your flight, you can go to the reception desk at your departure gate. When you arrive before all the passengers on your flight, you can ask the receptionist if you can check your luggage before everyone else. If the agent accepts your request, your baggage will be placed last in the aircraft hold and will therefore appear first on the conveyor belt when you depart. However, there is a slight downside to this trick, if you have products over 100ml that are prohibited in the cabin they will be thrown away when you go through customs, so plan on bringing special travel bottles to transport your liquids.

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Pick up your suitcase – Source: spm

Discover tips for not losing your luggage at the airport

When you check in your luggage, you may have this worry of not finding your bags after landing. Here’s how to avoid losing them at the airport.

– Stick an address label on your luggage

So you don’t find yourself running through the airport looking for your bags and suitcases, consider placing a tag with your information on your bags. Place a prominent tag on your bag with your name, phone number, and address.

– Choose sturdy luggage

Do not go on vacation with damaged or less resistant luggage because it may not arrive at its destination in good condition. To avoid this great inconvenience, choose solid and resistant suitcases that will last the entire plane trip. You can also protect them by filming them upon arrival at the airport so that your luggage has good protection when it is transported by airport agents.

If one of your bags is missing, you should immediately report it to your airline so they can set up a search. You will be able to make a report of irregularities in the luggage and the airline will be able to cover the expenses of essential items such as hygiene products.

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