How do you remove an iron stain from a fabric? The burn does not mean that the garment should be thrown away

Have you forgotten your iron on a piece of clothing and a brown mark has formed on the fabric? Although it appears indelible, this stain can be removed with simple, natural ingredients.

When ironing, it sometimes happens that the iron is left on a garment for too long. As a result, a brown stain has formed that resists washing. But as long as the fabric is not burned, there is always a solution to eliminate these types of traces.

If your t-shirt, shirt, or pants appear to be irreparably damaged when ironed, you can always use one of the following methods to get them looking like new. However, keep in mind that some stains are difficult to remove when the fabric is burned and its fiber is deeply affected.

  • Erase an iron mark with white vinegar

The acetic acid contained in white vinegar helps to thoroughly remove stains that form on fabrics. In addition to softening clothes and preserving their colours, it removes bad odours, but also tough stains. Pour a tablespoon of product in a glass of warm water, and then treat the area damaged by the iron with a cloth soaked in this solution. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. If the stain persists, you can try another technique. In a basin, mix half a liter of white vinegar with half a liter of water, preferably without lime. Then dip a clean cloth in it and wring it out. Next, place it on the trace in question and iron, making sure that the device is very hot. To finish, wash the garment by machine or by hand with Marseille soap.

trace iron

Trace Iron – Source: spm

  • Remove traces of iron with hydrogen peroxide

This method is essential for removing iron stains from clothing. To use hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide on your garment, dilute a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of cold water and then pour the mixture over the area gilded by the iron. Let sit for a few minutes before gently rubbing the mark with a clean cloth. Wash the fabric with soap, insisting on the affected area, then rinse well. It is also possible to put a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the ironing stain before passing the iron. The heat of the device will thus penetrate deep into the fabric and help the product to eliminate the trace. Repeat the method if necessary.

  • Remove a trace of iron with bleach

washed clothes

Garment washed – Source: spm

This product can be very effective on linen or cotton fabrics. as long as they are white. A teaspoon of bleach in a liter of water will be more than enough to remove stubborn stains from fabric. Simply moisten the affected area with a cloth soaked in this solution. However, it is recommended to neutralize the reaction of this product by immersing the garment in a solution of water and vinegar. Then wash by hand with neutral soap and then rinse.

Caution: Bleach should not be used too frequently to whiten clothes, as it can leave them looking gray.

  • Remove a trace of iron with lemon juice

lemon juice

Lemon juice – Source: spm

Known for its disinfectant and cleaning properties, lemon will have an immediate effect on the brown traces of the iron. Excellent bleaching agent, it will act effectively on light colored garments. To do this, pour the lemon juice directly onto the iron mark. Leave to act for a few minutes before placing the clothes in a container with hot water. Let soak for thirty minutes. Then drain it and air dry it.

If you have already had a similar experience with a garment, you can always give it a second chance by adopting one of the methods mentioned above. These will not only allow you to get clean clothes but also remove all the annoying traces.

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