No corkscrew? Here is the easy trick to easily open a bottle.

If your corkscrew has unfortunately been lost or broken, it’s always good to have a replacement solution. Knowing how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew can be a lifesaver in certain situations, especially as a host who regularly entertains guests. Therefore, we are going to reveal all the little tricks that allow you to open a bottle of wine, even without a corkscrew.

Wine bottles, corkscrew and glasses on a wooden table

Bottles of wine, corkscrew and glasses on a wooden table – Source: spm

We are going to share with you several tips on how to open your bottle of wine if you don’t have or no longer have a corkscrew. Whether you want to relax while having a good glass of wine comfortably seated on your sofa or if you simply want to attend to your guests, these techniques will be of great use to you.

4 infallible techniques to open a bottle without a corkscrew

An uncorked bottle, a glass of red wine and corks on a wooden table

An uncorked bottle, a glass of red wine and corks on a wooden table – Source: spm

Before applying these tricks, it is necessary beware because we are never safe from a cork stuck in the bottle or from the possible pain that bad handling can cause us. To the techniques now.

1. The pliers and self-tapping screw method of opening a bottle

Get two self-tapping screws to put into the bottle cork. Using pliers, remove the screws to release the cap from the bottle.

2. Uncork your wine bottle with a lighter

In this case, it is enough to heat the neck of the bottle with the lighter. This will create a thermal reaction and in about twenty seconds the cork must be expelled from the bottle. Also, the process can take 1-2 minutes. However, it is advisable to move away from the bottle, the moment the cork is ejected. Either way, the physical reaction will pop your bottle pretty quickly.

3. Uncork your wine bottle with a knife, wrench or scissors

serrated knife set

Serrated Knife Set – Source: spm

Arm yourself with extra caution because you’ll need a instrument sharper, namely a knife. It’s best to use a serrated knife, scissors, or even a wrench. To use the knife as an unlocker, it’s simple, singleinsert the blade in the center of the cork by gently nailing it. Remember to dig deep, to prevent the cork from crumbling inside the bottle.

Subsequently, plant the knife or key on the cork at 45 degrees, and then gently rotate the used tool by pulling it forward. you as if you were a corkscrew. Also make sure to position yourself correctly in relation to the bottle for safety and to properly eject the cork.

In the same spirit, know that it is always useful to know all the good techniques that make your life easier. A bit like the methods for opening cans when you don’t have a can opener.

4. The shoe method to remove the cork from your wine bottle

Pair of shoes

Pair of shoes – Source: spm

Now a method as confusing as singular. In fact, if you don’t have any of the items listed above, your shoe can quickly become a life-saving solution. This technique can be adopted if all the previous techniques have not had the desired effect. The only problem, this technique. requires more perseverance ; however, the game is worth it.

Take off your shoes, then place the bottle in one of your shoes at heel level. Then bang your shoe against a wall or any other surface until the plug gradually comes out. Do not wait for the cork to come out in its entirety, this will prevent the wine comes out completely, once the cork has been expelled.

These clever tricks will allow you to uncork your bottle of wine, whether you have lost the corkscrew or decided to do without it.

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