The consumption of flowers and CBD resins

CBD products are derived from Indian hemp and can relieve certain ailments. They are licensed for sale in France and come in different types, including flower and resin. The consumption of the latter is especially appreciated.

Differences between flowers and CBD resins

Fabrication process

Although CBD resins and flowers are natural products that are fragrant and rich in cannabinoids, they do not have the same manufacturing processes.

The resins come from female cannabis plants. After being extracted from these, the trichomes are pressed, dried and exposed to cold or heat.

Due to its extraction process, the resins have a high CBD content.

CBD flowers are grown outdoors, in greenhouses, or indoors. They also come from female cannabis plants and are loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids.

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CBD flowers are presented in their initial state (although their appearance varies according to cultivation methods and varieties). They have a light green color and a nugget shape. Its buds are covered in trichomes and dotted with purple, yellow, or orange pistils.

For their part, the resins are ground, sticky, dry, soft or greasy and come in different colors (black, light beige, amber or brown).

Methods of consumption of flowers and CBD resins

Although CBD resins and flowers differ in manufacturing processes, textures, and shapes, it is usually the methods of consumption that tip the scales to one side or the other.

While sublingual consumption allows you to quickly feel the effects of the products, ingestion is the slowest way.

How to consume CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are generally consumed in the form of an infusion, tea or tisane: just put the necessary portion in a cup containing water and a fat (whole milk, coconut oil, butter,…). To benefit from a deep and restful sleep, prepare your infusion a few hours before going to bed.

The infusion is an effective, healthy and fast technique that allows you to take advantage of the active ingredients of the product.

Vaporizing (or inhaling) is the healthiest way to experience the benefits of CBD flowers. Its action is also faster than the previous one.

If you wish, you should know that it is also possible to add CBD flowers to your sweet or savory culinary preparations. And why not make your own oil or butter?

Smoking CBD flowers is not recommended.

How to consume CBD resins?

Since CBD resins have a pasty texture, they naturally lend themselves to vaping.

Crumble the product in your hands and take out the necessary amount. Then insert it into the vaporizer and inhale.

CBD resins are fat-soluble and ingestible, so they can be used as food supplements or joint preparations.

You can also consume CBD resins in the form of an infusion: put the desired amount in a bowl containing a vegetable fat (milk, for example) and hot water.

Another method is to use the resins as body beauty products or deodorants.

Whether it’s flowers or CBD resins, the means of consumption are almost identical. These products facilitate the ingestion of the molecule in the body and allow better use of its benefits. However, they must be chosen carefully.

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