Why is it a good idea to wash your baby’s clothes with salt?

Baby clothes get dirty very quickly and quickly end up in the laundry basket. Faced with this huge pile of onesies and onesies, parents often wonder what detergent to adopt to protect their baby’s skin, which is very sensitive and easily irritated. In this article we give you a natural ingredient that will help you wash your newborn’s clothes correctly.

Children’s skin is much more sensitive and delicate than that of adults. From garments purchased with love to garments donated by loved ones, everything should be washed before wearing. This helps, on the one hand, to prevent possible skin irritations due to bacteria and mites that develop in the fabrics and, on the other hand, to limit the harmful effects of the chemical products used in factories.

What natural ingredient should be used to properly wash baby clothes?

To better protect your baby’s skin, it is important to use a mild and delicate detergent to wash your baby’s clothes. Some detergents are specially designed for this purpose and can quickly remove traces of dirt from clothes. For a flawless result, you can complete the wash with this essential ingredient.

  • Salt, essential in the care of baby clothes


Salt – Source: spm

Traces of regurgitation, milk, drool, feces are quite common during the first months of a baby’s life. That is why it is important to react quickly to eliminate them with suitable products. As such, salt is an essential ingredient that will help you get all the tough stains out of your baby’s clothes. To do this, justAdd the usual amount of detergent in the detergent drawer, and then replace the rinse aid with 2 teaspoons of salt. This organic ingredient is a true protection for your baby’s skin as it kills bacteria and fungi from fabrics while removing traces of dirt from the walls of your washing machine. After using it, you will notice that the linen is much softer to the touch. It should be noted that this ingredient also preserves textile materials and fixes colors. Mix ½ liter of cold water and 1 tablespoon of coarse salt in a basin before submerging your baby’s clothes in it.

Other tips to properly care for baby clothes

Parents often have questions about the best way to care for their baby’s bedding. In addition to choosing the right products to wash clothes for newborns, these little practical tips will be of great help.

  • Wash baby clothes at the right temperature

washing machine temperature

Washer temperature – Source: spm

Just like adult clothes, Baby clothes should be washed at the right temperature considering their material. With regard to bedding, bibs, towels and sheets, it is recommended wash them at a temperature between 60 and 90°. Cotton underwear and bodysuits can be washed at 60°. However, to preserve the textile fiber, garments such as blouses, pants, dresses and pajamas should not be washed at temperatures above 30°. Finally, delicate wool garments can only be hand washed or washed on a cold cycle.

  • Wash baby clothes regularly

Baby clothes

Baby clothes – Source: spm

Since baby clothes get dirty very quickly, they should be washed regularly. For example, underwear should be washed daily. For babies who have not yet taken their first steps, the clothes can last longer, that is, one or two days before washing. Since the baby can spend long hours in bed, the fitted sheet should be washed several times a week. That yes, in times of great heat it is necessary to increase the number of washes due to the strong perspiration of the baby.

The maintenance of baby clothes no longer has any secrets for you. With these few tips, you’ll be able to maintain your little boy’s clothes while preserving his fragile skin. As for adults, do not forget to separate the different colors and above all, rinse the clothes well after each wash cycle to remove all detergent residues.

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