4 zodiac signs that are at risk of getting sick in September 2022 according to an astrologer

During this month of September, four signs of the zodiac should pay attention to their health and take better care of themselves. In fact, Mercury retrograde starting on September 9 could cause health problems. To avoid problems, the natives of these astrological signs must pay attention to their lifestyle during this month. Discover the 4 zodiac signs that are at risk of having health problems during the month of September.

The effects of Mercury retrograde will be particularly felt among the natives of 4 signs of the zodiac. According to the Russian astrologer, Pavel Globa, you are likely to feel a state of fatigue and a sharp drop in energy during the month of September. Then they need to pay attention to their lifestyle and adopt good habits to get through a month without incident.

The 4 zodiac signs prone to health problems during the month of September

Mercury retrograde often portends difficulties and small problems in our lives. The natives of these 4 zodiac signs can feel the effects of the movement of this planet on their health.

sick twins

Gemini – Source: spm

The native of this sign runs the risk of facing a heavy workload during this new school year. which will affect your moral and physical health. The stress and overwork you’ll feel could give you severe tension headaches. Your physical condition is affected. That said, the stars advise Gemini to slow down on work and rest as soon as the opportunity arises. Although it is sociable, the native of this sign you will have to privilege quiet places and moments to spend alone. he will also have to take care to be as little surrounded as possible, to avoid social interactions that can tire you more.

sick lion

Leo – Source: spm

This dynamic and good-natured fire sign should pay attention to their activities, especially sports, during the month of September. must be attentive and don’t go beyond your limits to prevent incidents and injuries. This charismatic sign by nature likes to talk to him and take care of him. Then he could start a new physical activity during the beginning of the school year. Nevertheless, You must be patient and regular. If you give your all during the first few sessions, you run the risk of becoming physically and morally tired.

sick virgin

The morale of the native of this sign will be very low during the month of September. His sensitivity will be multiplied by ten and he will be more nervous. In fact, the slightest problem will likely upset him and exacerbate his anxieties. Your feverish mental state can affect your health. Because of your anxieties and sensitivities, you may feel pain in your stomach. This meticulous and perfectionist zodiac sign will then have to learn to let go. And don’t take things too seriously. Even at work, the stars advise this earth sign to remain neutral and not react to the provocations of those around him. at the risk of affecting your mood.

sick capricorn

Capricorn – Source: spm

During the month of September, the native of this sign going to feel a real loss of energy, that should not be taken lightly. In fact, this determined and ambitious sign by nature often works hard, to the point of neglecting their moral and physical health. The tiredness you’ll feel during this new school year will have a negative impact on your productivity, and for good reason. you will find it difficult to concentrate on your tasks. This earth sign will also have to review their eating habits, as they could be related to this drop in tone.

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