The trick to find out who blocked you on WhatsApp without telling you

You used to chat with this contact on WhatsApp but you have a feeling that something strange is going on because you haven’t received a reply from him yet. You wonder if this contact blocked you but you don’t know how to do it, to be sure.

The WhatsApp app offers many features, including the one that allows you to block someone. Due to the latter, you will no longer be able to receive SMS, photos, videos or other multimedia files in this famous instant messaging application. Find out which contact blocked you on WhatsApp with these techniques.

whatsapp application

The WhatsApp application. source: spm

Do you have no more replies from one of your contacts on WhatsApp and you wonder if he has really blocked you? This messaging service offers its users to use this function, without the blocked person noticing. In fact, on WhatsApp, blocked people do not receive notifications telling them that they can no longer send messages to a contact. To protect the privacy of its users, WhatsApp does not give any information about the person who blocked a contact. To find out if one of your contacts has blocked you on WhatsApp, there are several techniques, without the contact in question finding out.

You can’t see his profile picture on WhatsApp

whatsapp application

WhatsApp notifications. source: spm

One of the obvious tests that lets you know if one of your contacts blocked you is their profile picture. If you can’t see them before, that means the contact has blocked you on WhatsApp.

You can’t call your contact on WhatsApp

whatsapp application

Receive a notification on WhatsApp – Source: spm

To find out if one of your contacts has blocked you, you can try to join by doing a voice call. If communication fails, it’s likely that your contact has blocked you.

You can’t add it to any WhatsApp group

If you try to integrate one of your contacts in a WhatsApp chat group and it is impossible, she blocked you. To be safe, you can ask a friend to try to integrate you into a group. If this is possible, it has been blocked.

You do not see the gray icon in the WhatsApp conversation

In the WhatsApp app, there are different ways to find out. if you have sent a message and if its recipient has received and read it. A gray tick appears if your message has been sent successfully, a double tick appears if your message has been received, and the double tick turns blue, indicating that your contact has read your message. Although WhatsApp allows users to disable the read receipt for privacy reasons, it is not possible to disable the double gray tick. So if you don’t see the double gray tick when a message has been sent, it has been blocked.

Your friends can do everything you can’t.

to discover if someone has blocked you on whatsapp, you can ask your friends to check if they can see this contact’s profile picture or double-gray through chat. If they see them and you don’t, they have blocked you.

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