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When you park your vehicle on the road, you must be very vigilant to ensure your safety and that of other road users. After you have parked your car in one spot, you must remain vigilant when getting out of your vehicle.

While parked in the driveway, you should not get out of your car abruptly. In fact, when you get out of your vehicle, you should open the door while remaining alert so as not to hit a third person or another vehicle. Find out what happens in these types of accidents.

What is a door knock?

A car with an open door-1

A car with the door open – Source: spm

Door accidents can be related to the accidental opening or holding open of a door when a vehicle is parked or stopped. This type of accident can affect the driver but also the passengers if the car is stationary and can take place during the loading or unloading of the vehicle. It does not matter if the victim is on foot, on a bicycle or in another vehicle, if he is hit by an open door and is injured, he can turn against the person responsible for the vehicle.

Who is responsible in case of a door accident?

A car with an open door

A car with the door open – Source: spm

According to article R417-7 of the Highway Code, the person who suddenly opens the door of his vehicle without anticipating the movements of other users and causes material or bodily damage is responsible for a door accident. According to the Traffic Code, “any occupant of a stationary or parked vehicle is prohibited from opening a door when this maneuver constitutes a danger to himself or to other users.” This also means that a person responsible for these types of accidents is at risk of being sanctioned with a category 1 fine, related to non-compliance with parking regulations. In any case, the driver or passenger who caused the accident is 100% responsible for the damage caused. In which case, the door accident was caused by one of the passengers, it will be covered by the driver’s insurance thanks to the civil liability that also protects all the passengers of the insured vehicle.

Liability could be shared in case of a door accident

Car insurance

Car insurance – Source: spm

Depending on the case, the responsibility for a door accident can be shared and not only of the user who suddenly opened the door. The responsibility of the accident victim could be shared with the driver if the latter had not complied with article R412-6 of the Highway Code. The latter establishes that “the driver of a moving vehicle must behave at all times in a responsible and respectful manner with other road users.” The responsibility for the accident could then be shared with the driver in this specific case. For example, if you had not respected the speed limits, the lighting of the lights depending on the external visibility, a sudden change of trajectory or even the breach of the safety intervals.

Finally, keep in mind that the user who causes the door accident is also considered a victim. Although held liable, the user is also entitled to compensation depending on whether the vehicle is on and therefore considered a driver, or the ignition is off making him a pedestrian.

Door crashes can happen very often when drivers are not careful getting out of their vehicle after parking on the road. This type of accident is not uncommon and can affect all road users.

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