Dial 21 on your phone. The handy trick that saves you trouble

There are several ways to spy on phone activity. Without your knowledge, malicious eavesdroppers can access your data and retrieve all your conversations using an unusual technique: call forwarding. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent them by dialing a simple code on your smartphone. We tell you everything.

Call forwarding is a function offered by telemarketers to allow users to redirect an incoming call to another landline or mobile number without changing the SIM. This can be useful when the line is busy, there is no answer, or when the phone is turned off. However, this feature may be the secret technique of malicious people to spy on phone calls. They just have to access a mobile to activate this option by registering their phone number.

In fact, there is an easy way to circumvent this type of phone spying. so if you

If you suspect that your smartphone has been used without your authorization, you must first ensure that it is not misused by adopting the following technique:

  • Check if call forwarding is active on your phone

Intercepted call on a phone

Intercepted call on a phone – Source: spm

Before canceling all call forwarding, it is always useful to know if forwarding was active on the phone. To do this, simply type the code *#21# in the “Phone” application to receive the forwarding information. By using this code, your screen will turn gray and display information about the transfer of voice, data, fax, SMS and other. However, dialing this code does not let you know if your phone is being spied on. It only gives you an overview of the status of the various call forwarding features. If hijacking is active when you have never configured it this way before, this may indicate an intrusion.

  • Deactivate call forwarding on your phone

Code ##002# dialed on a smartphone

Code ##002# dialed on a smartphone – Source: spm

Now that you have verified call forwarding, it is possible to prevent all possible forwarding on your phone using a special code: ##002#. That’s why, open the calling app on your phone. Then dial this code and press the call button. Doing so will cancel all call and SMS forwarding. People who are likely to spy on you will no longer be able to intercept your calls on their cell phone. Please note that these transfers can only be reactivated if someone later accesses your SIM card or phone.

touch screen keyboard

Touch screen keyboard – Source: spm

If you want to re-enable call forwarding on your mobile phone, just enter the code *21* on your number pad followed by the ten digits of the telephone number that will receive the forwarded calls. Complete the operation by adding the pound key #, then initiate the call. If you want to transfer a call in progress, simply dial the code *69*, then the number to receive the call followed by #. To turn it off, dial #69#. This method affects all telephone operators and can be done from a landline or from a mobile phone.

Other secret codes to try on your phone

As well as the code to forward calls, the following secret codes may be especially useful to you.

On iPhone and Android:

  • #31# followed by the phone number to make a call to a hidden number.
  • *#06# to reveal the IMEI number, phone identifier.

on iPhone:

  • *#30# turns number recognition on or off.
  • *33*# activates the call blocker. Deactivate call barring: #33*#
  • *3370# for better call quality. #3370# is the deactivation code.
  • *3001#12345#* to check your network coverage.
  • *#5005*7672# to get the number of the Message Service Center.

On android:

  • *#*#4636#*#* to get Wi-Fi signal status, battery level, and other useful information.
  • *#*#7780#*#* to remove apps.
  • #*5376# to delete all text messages.
  • #*2562#, #*3851#, #*3876# to start resetting the phone.

As you may have understood, there is an intelligent way to avoid possible diversion of your calls. Try this hidden feature of your smartphone without further ado!

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