Why is it not recommended to put the washing machine in the bathroom?

For practicality and lack of space, the washing machine is easily installed in a corner of the bathroom. This is usually the most logical location for many people. However, according to a specialist, this environment is not as judicious as it seems. To avoid any inconvenience, it would be good to move it to a more appropriate place. Or at least, if you have no other, it is important to take certain precautions. We tell you more.

Why is it not recommended to store the washing machine in the bathroom?

A washing machine placed in the kitchen.

A washing machine placed in the kitchen – Source: spm

In many homes, the washing machine is placed in the kitchen or in the hallway. But, from an aesthetic and noise point of view, many people prefer to install their sink in an inconspicuous corner of the bathroom. Unfortunately, this is not the best option. Why ? Simply because the humidity in this room is always high, which not only promotes the development of fungal bacteria in the machine, but also affects the parts of the device. This is because exposure to moisture causes delicate parts of the washing machine to corrode, ultimately reducing its lifespan.

Not to mention, the washing machine door must often be left open and the detergent drawer emptied and dried after every wash. Therefore, it is advisable to place your device in a well-ventilated place. If there is a window in the bathroom, this is a big plus, but if there is not, then you need to install an exhaust hood or give preference to another location.

Also, bathing or showering while the machine is running is not recommended, as you risk receiving an electric shock. In the same way, you should not use the hair dryer in the bathroom when the humidity is at its peak.

Finally, the best place to install a washing machine is the kitchen. The humidity is much lower there and it is very often well ventilated. Obviously, we avoid placing it under the ceramic hob, because the heat is not adequate either!

What if there is no place elsewhere?

A washing machine placed in the bathroom.

A washing machine placed in the bathroom – Source: spm

Is your bathroom big enough and is it the only place where you can install your washing machine? In this case, for your own safety and to preserve both your appliance and your clothes, it is absolutely necessary that you take certain precautions.

To install certain electrical devices in wet areas, there are standards to follow:

  • Please note that the drain hose of the washing machine is 1.5m long. Therefore, it should be mounted as close to the sink as possible, so that it can also reach the drain. In addition, the power cable is also 1.5 meters long, which means that there must be a power outlet nearby. Warning: An extension cord should not be used as it may cause a short circuit.
  • Make sure that the machine is placed at least 60 cm from the edge of the bathtub or shower.
  • It is also necessary to plan the installation of a wall to avoid the projection of water droplets on the device. In particular, you can opt for shelves above the machine that will act as a decoration and help to properly shoe it.
  • Since the washer door needs to stay open for a while after the wash cycle, you should make room for it in the bathroom. The best option would be to favor a vertically loaded machine. But above all avoid placing it against the wall (at a distance of 5 to 10 cm).
  • To make it stable and not move during washing, it is sometimes essential to have certain special tools to prevent the machine from tipping over. Some models have feet that can be unscrewed. Therefore, you can place, for example, a rubber mat under the machine.
  • To connect your washing machine safely and according to bathroom electrical installation standards, do not hesitate to call on the expertise of a specialist.

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