Why is it important to subscribe?

Health costs represent an important part of household spending. Alleviating all or part of these expenses is the main objective of health insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the various interests linked to the subscription of said insurance. Discover the main advantages that can be obtained from the health coverage offered by health insurance.

3 main advantages of taking out health insurance?

Purchasing health insurance benefits not only you, but your entire family as well. Then it is necessary to contract the correct formula ofhealth insurance for the best possible protection.

benefits of taking out health insurance

benefits of taking out health insurance – Source: spm

1. Benefit from additional reimbursement for routine care

The social security system reimburses a large part of your usual health costs, such as exams, consultations and hospital stays. However, very often, it covers only part of the cost of care, that is, 70% of the total amount. What remains at your expense is called the “copayment moderator.”

In the case of consultations without exceeding fees, it is the medical insurance that is responsible for the reimbursement of this ticket. In this way, the insured only has the obligatory collection of a lump-sum contribution of 1 euro, for consultations or for medication. Excessive fees charged by certain general practitioners or specialists may also be covered by health insurance.

2. Enjoy 100% reimbursement in optical health, dental prosthetics and audiology

These three types of care are generally very expensive. With your health insurance, you have the option to purchase glasses, dentures, or a hearing aid. Expenses in this context are fully covered by the joint reimbursement of social security and health insurance.

You just have to choose your option in the 100% health basket that opticians, dentists and hearing care professionals will necessarily offer you. And all this is possible by taking out health insurance.

3. Ensure the management of soft and alternative medicine

Osteopathy sessions and other important therapies for your health remain unreimbursed by social security until then. On the other hand, health insurance companies offer to cover them, according to a flat rate and within the limit of a defined number of sessions per year.

The advantage of health insurance is its flexibility. Unlike the social security system, which works in the same way for everyone, health insurance offers a wide variety of formulas that adapt to all profiles of the insured.

Some practical tips for choosing the right health insurance

choose health insurance

choose your health insurance – Source: spm

  • Set your needs according to health expenses.
  • Compare the offers of several insurance companies to choose the contract that suits you best.
  • Attention to care not covered by social security.
  • Avoid contracts that require a medical questionnaire.
  • Calculate your current health coverage.
  • Judge the guarantees and services offered in the contract.
  • Prefer contracts with transparency in reimbursements.
  • Pay attention to reimbursement periods and waiting periods.

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