Did you receive a hidden call? The easy trick to know who is behind

Receiving calls from a hidden or unknown number can create fear and fear in some people. Ignoring the identity of the person behind a number, they do not hesitate to imagine the worst, which generates all kinds of anxiety. To avoid such a situation, there is a trick as formidable as it is effective. Let’s see what this article is about.

Getting a call at the wrong time is always annoying! But what is even more is to see that it comes from a hidden number. Here, then, is how to discover the person or entity behind this mysterious call.

The trick that allows you to find out who is hiding behind an unknown caller

One of the most recurring problems faced by smartphone users is, without a doubt, hidden calls. The latter come from unknown numbers and occur particularly when you least expect it. Some do not hesitate to hang up the moment you answer the call. Generally, these the calls are made by companies of which only one and sole commercial purpose. An approach that is both intrusive and disturbing, which in the long run can be assimilated to harassment.

But you can rest easy, now it is possible to know who is hiding behind a hidden call or an unknown number, with the added advantage of being able to block them so that they no longer have to contact you.

Call from an unknown number

Call from an unknown number. source: spm

TrueCaller, the app that identifies unknown calls

If what you are looking for is to know the identity of the person who contacts you through an unknown number, you can resort to an application that has been extensively tested and it is not in vain. considered the benchmark for caller ID. Is about TrueCaller, an application available for free on Google Play and the App Store and that has no less than 300 million users worldwide.

On the whole, the use of TrueCaller is quite simple and its configuration is not complicated. On Android, after downloading and opening the app, click “Get Started”, then you will need to activate your account by entering your phone number and then pressing “Continue”. Thereafter, TrueCaller will contact you at the number provided to make sure it really is yours. After confirming your number, you will be able to fill in the information about yourself: first name, last name and email, among others. After watching some tutorials by clicking “Next” each time, you will find yourself in front of the last slide and you will have to click on “I understand” at this moment. You can then click “Later” on the next two screens to validate the application installation. Finally, you must activate the caller ID by accessing the settings of your phone, in the “Applications and notifications” section. Select TrueCaller on the next screen, enabling notifications that will identify who will contact you from an unknown number.

For iOS smartphones, more specifically iPhones, the method is almost identical. After downloading the app from the App Store, you will need to enter and confirm your phone number, then click “Agree and continue”. You will then receive a one-time password to your number that you must enter to continue with the installation process. A new window is displayed so you can fill in your personal data. In the third confirmation step, click “Grant permissions” to validate the installation of the application. You can then go to your phone’s settings to activate the TrueCaller button by going to the “Block and Caller ID” section.

Powered by its own users, the TrueCaller database allows to save all number names entered and saved in the app. In this way, you will be able to identify any phone number thanks to this application, even if the latter contacts you anonymously. Additionally, TrueCaller will allow you to view your Facebook or Twitter name or profile.

Annoyed man in front of hidden call

Annoyed man in front of a hidden call. source: spm

Thanks to this application you will have the chance to find out who is hiding behind an anonymous call while you have the chance to report it as “Spam”.

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