On most lace-up shoes, you must have noticed that there were little plastic spikes at the ends. Sometimes, but more rarely, they are made of pewter or wire. But what exactly are these studs used for? Many people are unaware of it, but its function is far from trivial. Find out!

What is the use of lace tags?

The cords

The laces – Source: spm

Nestled in the ends of your shoelaces, these small plastic tips often go unnoticed, but their presence is not accidental. They even perform several important functions. Its most relevant use is to keep the lace fabric itself intact: thus preventing it from being damaged or fraying. They also have the function of facilitating passage through the holes in the shoe. Without them, it would be very difficult to thread the laces through these very fine holes. In addition, these tabs ensure the maintenance of each cord simplifying the knotting process. Finally, they continue to have an aesthetic vocation, since the end of the lace is well tuned, without the slightest unsightly detail.

tie your shoelace

Tie your shoelaces – Source: spm

As you know, shoelaces are made in different colors and in a wide range of materials, among which organic cotton stands out, which is the most frequently preferred. However, regardless of the material used, after buying a new pair of shoes, it happens that the laces wear out after only a few days of use. And this, despite the plastic tips that are supposed to protect them. This usually happens when the shoes are not of very good quality: if you only walk in them, they can last a long time. But if you use them for sports or if you tense them a lot, the tips don’t hold well and end up getting damaged.

In this case, instead of immediately considering throwing them out and replacing them, we have 3 simple tips for you to solve the problem.

  • Fix them with nail polish: If the end is bent over and the sticker has come off, just dab some clear polish (or whatever color you prefer) to the area and let it dry overnight. In the morning, you will notice that the end of the socket has hardened. Now you can use it as usual.
  • burn them a little : This solution is particularly ideal for frayed cords. Using extreme caution, take a lighter and try to seal the end of the cord with the heat of the fire. As soon as it cools down, you will notice that it is no longer frayed. Be careful, it only takes a little bit of heat to shrink the end of the cord, so don’t get too close to the flame. If you’re worried about burning your fingertips, it’s best to wear plastic gloves or something similar to do this job safely.
  • use duct tape : Take some clear tape and wrap a small piece around the end of the lace you want to fix. It’s best to circle it a few times to make sure it holds up well. This is one of the simplest solutions, but not necessarily the most aesthetic. However, this will allow you to avoid unexpected expenses and still enjoy some of your laces.

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