The New Moon in Capricorn, scheduled for December 23, coincides with the end of the retrograde of the asteroid Chiron. The opportunity for certain zodiac signs to make a fresh start with more wisdom. Find out if you are one of the signs in the spotlight!

The year 2023 is coming to an end soon and there is nothing like a New Moon to start a new chapter in your life. This promises to transmit from Friday, December 23 at 11:16 a.m., a transforming energy in the astral sky. For its part, the asteroid Chiron will bring more clarity and lucidity to certain astrological signs.

Which zodiac signs will be lucky on December 23?

The natives of three astrological signs will be able to make new resolutions as of December 23. Three of them will have the opportunity to turn the page on the past to advance on the path of success and fulfillment.


fabulous bull period

Bull. source: spm

Taurus is the first sign to be impacted by the energy of Capricorn and the end of the withdrawal of the asteroid Chiron. Indeed, this earth sign will see a significant improvement in its finances from December 23rd. With additional cash inflows in the form of bonuses or annual bonuses, you’ll be able to maintain a balanced budget over the long term. Chiron, symbol of wisdom and creativity, will thus bring good ideas to Taurus to invest his money. Real estate transactions will be particularly fruitful during this period. At work, Taurus will be able to carry out unprecedented actions that will be beneficial both for the company and for their career. His many efforts are likely to attract the attention of his superiors and clients. He will be heavily rewarded for it before the end of the year. He could be offered a new position with new powers and greater responsibilities. However, this workaholic will have to spend more time with his family while maintaining a balance between private and professional life. This will save him stressful problems to drive on a daily basis and tasks that he has to carry out in a hurry.


capricorn fabulous period

Capricorn. source: spm

Capricorn should also expect to experience profound changes in their life, be it at work or in their relationships. With the New Moon occurring in your sign on December 23, you will have all the skills to achieve your goals and advance your career. He will be carried away by his great ambition to carry out a great project. The planet Venus will also be in favor of appeasement. If he manages to get rid of old grudges, Capricorn will be able to restore communication with certain colleagues and gain the support of influential people. People close to you will also be forgiving and understanding in all circumstances. This period will also be an opportunity to break the routine and take a few days off. The main thing is to live moments of family life with joy and good humor. On the side of the heart, Capricorn will be attentive to the needs of his partner. You will be able to talk to him and share his project ideas with him in a climate of trust and transparency.


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Pisces is also one of the signs of honor during the New Moon in Capricorn. This zodiac sign will thus be able to start a harmonious period, be it in your professional or personal life. The Chiron asteroid will multiply your creativity tenfold to relaunch certain ongoing projects. This will give you all the inspiration you need to set priorities and target the best actions for the future. Although you have experienced some financial difficulties, Pisces will take advantage of this end of the year to take steps to improve and generate profits for the year 2023. This way you can congratulate yourself on the progress made this year and reflect with new sources. of motivation This sign of Water will be able to look for a new hobby that guarantees additional income. One thing is certain, Pisces will be very well surrounded this year. The end-of-year celebrations will therefore be an opportunity to re-establish dialogue with certain people in your family circle and resolve an old dispute.

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